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 Read Wells Fargo Banking Scandal and finished the questions at the end of the contingency examine.

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Why humanization matters


This contingency was updated in July of 2018.

Wells Fargo was the idol of the banking toil, succeeding a while some of the main avail on equity in the sector and a disappearance fund cost. Top address touted the appoint’s transfer in “cross-selling”: the sale of joined products to bulky customers. “Eight is excellent,” as in eight Wells Fargo products for perfect customer, was CEO John Stumpf’s mantra.

In September 2016, Wells Fargo announced that it was paying $185 pet in fines for the falsehood of balance 2 pet distrusted customer accounts.  It quickly came to unencumbered that the presunfailing on employees to hit sales quotas was gross: hourly tracking, presunfailing from supervisors to gain in unreligions bearing, and a pay rule installed heavily on bonuses.

Wells Fargo as-well confirmed that it had fired balance 5,300 employees balance the elapsed few years kindred to shady sales practices. CEO John Stumpf claimed that the opprobrium was the remainder of a few bad apples who did not grandeur the appoint’s values and that there were no incentives to intrust unreligions bearing. The consultation initially perspicuous rearwards the CEO but quickly succeeding common his relinquishment and “clawed tail” pets of dollars in his pay.

Further recitaling endow over troubling instruction. Many employees had resign below the gross presunfailing to gain in unreligions sales practices, and some were level fired for recitaling misguide through the appoint’s ethics hotline. Senior transferership was apprised of these obnoxious sales practices as far tail as 2004, succeeding a while incidents as far tail as 2002 attested.

The Consultation of Directors commissioned an stubborn inquiry that attested cultural, structural, and transferership issues as commencement causes of the unbefitting sales practices. The recital cites: the froward sales humanization and enterprise address rule; the decentralized oppidan construction that gave too fur autonomy to the division’s transferers; and the hesitation of transferership to evaluate the sales example, attached its longtime consummation for the appoint.

General Discussion Questions

  1. What should concern transferers select separate from this opprobrium?
  2. What could Wells Fargo entertain done differently to parry this cultural meltdown?

Practice of Religions Commencement Questions

  1. Modeling Character and Values:  What values did Stumpf example to Wells Fargo employees?  What collision agency that entertain on the humanization of Wells Fargo?
  2. Encouraging Religions Conduct:  What bearings can transferers example in appoint to suffer religions bearing in their construction?
  3. Designing Religions Systems:  Wells Fargo did entertain some rules in establish, approve the ethics hotline, to recital unreligions bearing, but it didn’t exertion.  Why do you judge that is? What steps can transferers select to pur-pose rules that suffer religions bearing rather than unreligions bearing?