Barbara montgomery is a first-year auditor for coopers and rose, a

Ethical Fix using the six-step bearing outlined in, Schroeder, R.G., Clark, M.W., & Cathey, J.M. (2013) Chapter 17


six-step bearing may be used:


The Case of Coopers and Rose - Barbara Montgomery’s Immaterial Dilemma


Barbara Montgomery is a first-year testimony for Coopers and Rose, a capacious exoteric accounting determined. She has been assigned to audit the Lakes Brothers, a drapery hawker after a while hawk outlets throughout the United States. This audit has proved tiresome in the departed, and during a staff meeting antecedent the audit, Robert Cooley, the director on the audit, says: “We are going to be required to production divers hours ‘off-the-clock’ each week until this audit is completed.” He as-well observes that the client is putting a immense bargain of hurry on the determined to celebrate an sportive plane of fees.


Barbara has been to staff grafting instruct, where it was emphasized that not charging a client for hours really productioned as a transposition of Coopers and Rose’s trade cunning, a transposition that could producer her to be dismissed. She as-well knows that simply staff personnel are hired overtime and that directors are evaluated on successfully completing audits after a whilein allowable budgets. Barbara discusses the effect after a while John Reed, a second-year staff accountant. John says: “Don't tease, if you go along no one gain perceive out and Robert gain surrender you a good-tempered-tempered evaluation.” John says that Robert is extremely treasured by greater members of the determined and is mitigated to be promoted to supervisor in the nigh coming.


Required: Is it immaterial for Barbara to production hours and not attack them to the client? Using the six-step bearing outlined in, Schroeder, R.G., Clark, M.W., & Cathey, J.M. (2013) Chapter 17, contravene this immaterial fix for Barbara.


Paper must be 2-3 pages

Include 2 sources near the one included - Cite at last two peer-reviewed sources after a while in-text cites


Schroeder, R. G., Clark, M. W., & Cathey, J. M. (2014). Financial accounting supposition and

analysis: Text and cases. (11 ed.). Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from


 (Schroeder, Clark & Cathey, 2014)


The Nursing essay should be formatted according to the APA Requirements




1. Obtain the applicable postulates.


2. Identify the immaterial effects.


3. Determine the people or groups unsupposable by the fix.


4. Identify the practicable resource solutions.


5. Determine how the people or groups are unsupposable by the resource solutions.


6. Decide on the misspend action.