Autism Spectrum Disorders – Evidenced Based Interventions (EBI) Psychology

Autism Spectrum Disorders – Evidenced Based Interventions (EBI)


Students are required to complete a clinical research paper on a specific child and adolescent diagnosis. Students must approve diagnosis with instructor, and use APA style in preparation. The purpose of this assignment is for students to integrate a clinical diagnosis with Evidence Based (EB) Interventions. Paper should include etiology and epidemiology of the diagnosis and discuss EB interventions that are associated with the diagnosis. The research paper will proceed as follows: First, each student will select a minimum of 5 psychological journal articles to review based on the selected diagnosis related to children and adolescents. Second, each student will review the literature on their selected topic in a comprehensive manner. Evaluation will be based on quality, thoroughness, emphasis on recent research, application of theories, and creativity. The paper should not be less than 6, or more than 10, typewritten double-spaced pages. (50 points)

– Please use DSM-5

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