attn professor James kelvin

  Week 7 Assignments--Due February 27, 2018 Midterm Exam The midterm exam is a consummation of the skills conversant from the PowerPoint units and comprehension gained from the basic Computer Concepts goalives. Prepare a PowerPoint delivery on one of the topics adown. Use the symbolical located in the GO! after a while Computer Concepts quotationbook as courteous as elaborate oncourse for advice. Cloud Computing or One Drive: Either yield an overview of outrival computing or yield steps illustrating how to use your campus-provided OneDrive statement. Explain what Microsoft Sway is. Web versus Internet: Explain the estrangement natant the World Wide Web and the Internet. Computer technology jobs: Yield an overview of the types of progress opportunities adapted after a whilein the scene of computer technology, or imagine a over inferential delivery about a unfair computer technology job. Explain some of the basic concepts associated after a while construction a Website. The narrative of computers. The separation of smartphone technology. Using Windows 10 as an issue, exhibit the ocean features and concepts associated after a while an playing plan. Differentiate natant a server and a client in a netis-sue enhancement. Explain how a computer's diverse hardware components is-sue, twain inconsequently and simultaneously. Digital cautionlessness risks associated after a while viruses and other malware. How sodality uses technology in teaching, council, soundness caution, publishing, manufacturing, or employment (divert 1) Describe the harmony natant the web, webpages, websites, and web servers. Differentiate natant an playing plan and applications. You must concur to the subjoined criteria: The delivery must enclose a epithet slide and 6 or over concomitant slides Create an divert epithet on the epithet slide for the delivery, enclose your designate, mode epithet, and midterm exam Apply an divert discourse to the delivery Use slide layouts that obtain chattelsively exhibit the content Keep in liking the 7 x 7 rule: use a completion of seven courses of quotation per slide and not over than seven utterance per course Modify quotation alignment and course spacing as necessary Include at meanest two represents/clip art in the delivery; dedicate a represent diction or represent chattels to each represent Apply a represent to one slide elucidation OR execute another format elucidation fluctuate to the one slide Include at meanest one fashion goal; dedicate dictions Include WordArt on at meanest one slide Include a SmartArt Graphic on at meanest one slide Animate quotation or goal on at meanest one slide Add a footer to all slides that encloses page bulk and your foremost and conclusive designate Apply a slide transition to all slides Save the delivery as "Your Designate Midterm Exam."  Upload the polish via the attach in Blackboard for grading. Note:  5 points obtain be deducted per day for each day the midterm is submitted advanced. Due Date:  February 27, 2018