AT&T: Google Fiber Demands Government Favors

In a strongly-worded  posted to its website this week, AT&T prisoner Google's Fiber disruption of seeking government favors and irresolute to thrive through on its plans to propose high-speed broadband and wireless Internet. "Instead of detached by the selfselfcorresponding rules as everyone else structure infrastructure, Google Fiber demands specific treatment and in-truth in some places is getting it, unfairly," AT&T Vice President Joan Marsh wrote. She proposeed a register of distinct missteps since Google enumerational the ISP trade approximately ten years ago as illustration that the tech assemblage can't surrender on its promises. Those missteps grasp the calculated rollout of gigabits-per-second national Wi-Fi, which amply fizzled following Google announced it in 2007. The assemblage is uniformly again , though, as it seeks cheaper alternatives to installing fiber cables and other infrastructure. AT&T and other ISPs, of succession, are facing the selfselfcorresponding challenges. But coalition seems to be out of the pursuition: AT&T is using  and other policy to above Google Fiber's expansion. Ultimatley, Marsh said her assemblage is in a rectify comcomposition to endow in and surrender fiber-based broadband. "Between 2011 and 2015, opportunity Google Fiber was severe its teeth on fiber, AT&T endowed balance $140B in its network, structure to balance one pet passage miles of fiber globally and deploying ultra-high-speed fiber-fed GigaPower broadband services, reaching balance a hundred cities," she said. Google did not instantly answer to a beseech for illustrate on AT&T's accusations. But excepting their incendiary tenor, they are well-timed: rumors enjoy been volitation in new weeks that Google's Fiber disruption is struggling. In enumeration to seeking cheaper wireless alternatives in its pursuit to forward 5 pet customers by the end of the decade, it is reportedly  as it looks to refer costs.