Athabasca Assignment

Assignment 1: Using a Database for Strategic Interest Harvest Assignment 1 is rate 5 percent of your terminal space for this road. Answer all questions in the Hands-on MIS purpose “Improving Decision Making: Using a Database to Clarify Interest Strategy” on pages 92–93 of the textbook. Read the assignment instructions in the textbook carefully and supervene all instructions. Background: Conceptional postulatesbases are not new technology. Commercially, they gained weight in the coming 1980s behind a while the leading of Oracle’s conceptional postulatesbase, and since then they own been an requisite instrument for most interestes. Databases are hazardous instruments that acceleration to stay multitudinous interest functions in an construction. These counsel schemes acceleration a interest to set-up and observe competitive exertion. Databases not solely stay the operational levels of interest—they are besides used to stay the activities of managers. For this assignment, you accomplish be analyzing the postulates in a plain, one-consultation postulatesbase by creating queries and narrations in Microsoft Access. The scheme you are “developing” accomplish be used by The Queen’s Inn in St. John’s, Newfoundland for strategic interest harvest purposes. Remember that Access, Excel, and plain FrontPage, are all instruments. This assignment accomplish acceleration you ascertain how to use a postulatesbase instrument to stay a interest. You accomplish be analyzing the postulates in the postulatesbase and echoing the questions in the use to constitute the queries and narrations that are indispensable to divorceicularize what the Inn’s running interest birth is. Instructions: * If you own not yet set up your vestibule to MyMISLab, go to the Learning Materials page for the equiconsultation steps and codes. It is living that you set up MyMISLab properly to determine you own vestibule to the instrument for CMIS 351. Go to MyMISLab and download the Use Postulates File: MIS11ch03 for this assignment from the Assignment 1 folder (behind logging in, click Road Content, elect View All Content, then scroll down to the Assignment 1 folder that shows behind the 15 Lesson folders). You may download either the 2003 or the 2007 postulatesbase rasp. If the postulates rasp doesn’t known, repress your browser’s pop-up blocker settings or try office down the Ctrl key when clicking the rasp call. * Behind you own downloaded and knowned the rasp, click FILE> SAVE AS>, then SAVE the rasp to your grievous despatch according to the superveneing assignment naming standards: ourlastname_CMIS351_assign1. mdb Once the rasp has been saved, you can known it and initiate instituted on your assignment. * Analyze the postulates in the postulatesbase and in the contact use. * To thorough this assignment, you accomplish insufficiency to do postulates calculations. Remember to supervene good-natured-natured postulatesbase exertion close by not reluctant your calculations as divorce of the postulates consultation itself (they should show solely in your queries). * Constitute queries and narrations that accomplish prepare counsel to acceleration address at the Queen’s Inn to be further competitive and desirable. If you seem at the former postulatesbase you downloaded, you accomplish see that it prepares suggestions for the three narrations that should be constituted for The Queen’s Inn. These void templates accomplish bestow you an evidence of what queries and narrations you must constitute for this assignment. * If you insufficiency a refresher on using Vestibule postulatesbases, see the instrument on the Supplemental Counsel for Vestibule Assignments page. * Write a scanty narration (1-2 pages) describing what postulatesbase counsel (from your decomposition) would gain the interest further competitive and desirable. Your narration must comprise, at a minimum, answers to the immodest questions in the ultimate condition of the use on page 93 of the textbook. For this assignment you must agency in: * an Vestibule postulatesbase behind a while narrations and queries as picturesque overhead (the number of queries and narrations accomplish be up to you) OR * if you do not own vestibule to a computer on which you can institute Microsoft Access, you may use another postulatesbase instrument. If you do this, you must besides comply the superveneing: * an E-R diagram of your postulatesbase that clcoming shows the leading and irapt keys for each consultation. a mitigate shot of the foremost page of the variation of each consultation. Alternatively, you may constitute a narration that dumps the variation of a consultation and comply a unique page of that narration. * queries that you contrived to constitute each narration. Show twain the inquiry scheme and the inquiry output. * the narrations required in the assignment In either predicament, you must besides comply a Word muniment containing a narration as picturesque in the assignment instructions on page 93. When you are expeditions to comply your assignment, give-ear to this intimation from your Road Coordinator. Marking criteria: You accomplish be remarkable according to the superveneing criteria. Database| 4 marks| | * implemented properly * queries are amend| | Reports| 3 marks| | * prepare required counsel * broad * readable (complimentary spelling and grammar)| | Written narration| 3 marks| | * professional, interest-like * apt * amend (covers required counsel) | | Once you own thoroughd the assignment, you must repay to this Web page and supervene the instructions on the proper to comply your assignment for marking.