Week 2: Exploring the Three Pillars of Analysis: Part 1—Beliefs They quite be-unlike from us in assurance, as we price dot in which they price, and crime versa. On the undiminished, tshort is very shabby dispute encircling theological topics incomplete themselves; at the unroot, they battle succeeding a while suffrage, but they get never jeopard their energy or assemblage or their peculiarity on devout strife. —R.C. Zaehner For frequent persons, the notion of “religion” is interchangeable succeeding a while the notion of “beliefs.” Adherents of a fond devout legend guard to distribute the identical or correspondent explanations encircling the universe, how it was created, why we are short, and what happens when we die. For persons honorable succeeding a whilein a amelioration that does not cogitate “religious” concepts, it may not flush supervene to an personal to amuse the retorts to these inquirys. But to the beyond bystander, the way persons succeeding a whilein a fond holy canopy retort these inquirys can throw-off characterless on how the devout legend informs and outlines collective constitution, legislation, or other aspects of participation. For legends succeeding a whilein past pluralistic societies, inter-repugnant assurance systems may account personals to succeed into fight succeeding a while one another. Learning Objectives Students get: Compare time-honored assurances’ entombment rituals, views on mortality, and views on the succeedinglife Analyze how time-honored assurances’ entombment rituals, views on mortality, and views on the succeedingsociety are reflected in amelioration Evaluate how devout spaces outline and are outlined by devout assurance systems Select a devout legend for segregation in the tenor of a globalized amelioration Photo Credit: [Dave and Les Jacobs]/[Blend Images]/Getty Images  Learning Resources Required Readings Kurtz, L. R. (2016). Gods in the global village: The universe’s assurances in sociological perspective (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Chapter 1, “Religious Society in the Global Village”“Three Pillars of Analysis: Beliefs, Rituals, and Institutions” (pp. 23–30) Chapter 2, “A Sociological Tour: Turning East”“Hinduism, or Sanatana Dharma” (pp. 53–62) “Buddhism” (pp. 69–74) “Taoism” (pp. 80–83) Chapter 3, “The Tour: Western Religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”“Judaism” (pp. 93–99) “Christianity” (pp. 101–106) “Islam” (pp. 110–116) Chapter 4, “Indigenous Religions”“The Veneration of Ancestors” (pp. 140–141) BBC. (2014). Mormonism. Retrieved from BBC. (2014). Santeria. Retrieved from Church of Scientology International. (2015). Scientology: Washington DC. Retrieved from Light Planet. (2015). Mormon temples practical jaunt. Retrieved from Mahrashi Foundation USA. (2015). Transcendental reflecting. Retrieved from The Theosophical Participation in America. (n.d.). Retrieved January 4, 2016, from Document: Final Project Worksheet (Word instrument) Discussion: Comparing Key Beliefs of Devout Traditions As you bear interpret in the continuity extract, the foundational assurances of all devout legends include cosmogonies (the retorts to the inquirys of how we came to be, why we are short, and what happens to us succeeding we die) as well-behaved-behaved as theodicies (the reasons for why humans trial denial). What correspondentities do you see among this week’s highlighted devout legends? How do the cosmogonies embracing mortality and the succeedingsociety be-unlike? How a amelioration or assurance orders for and ritualizes mortality can afford you a lot of apprehension into their assurances encircling society and the succeedinglife. In this Discussion, you get cogitate the amelioration of the patronage practitioners of uncertain civilizations installed on their entombment rituals and views on mortality. To order for this Discussion: Review this week’s assigned interpretings from the continuity extract. Explore the BBC Incorporeal and Ethics resources from this week’s Resources. Consider the correspondentities and be-unlikeences among two devout legends, specifically looking at their views on mortality, entombment rituals, and the succeedinglife. Reflect on what you can deduce encircling the ameliorations that usage those assurances installed on your retorts to the anterior inquirys. By Day 3 Post a article comparing the two assurances you selected, focusing on the legend’s entombment rituals, views on mortality, and views on the succeedinglife. In a assist article, elucidate how each assurance’s views encircling entombment, mortality, and the succeedingsociety are reflected in their amelioration. Foundation your assertions by making at smallest 2 references, in appertinent APA format, to your continuity interpretings. Be certain to foundation your notions by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources or bigwig you bear interpret, heard, seen, or triald. Read a option of your colleagues’ postings. By Day 5 Respond to at smallest one of your colleagues’ postings in one or past of the subjoined ways: Ask a discriminating inquiry. Share an apprehension from having interpret your colleague’s posting. Offer and foundation an estimation. Validate an notion succeeding a while your own trial. Make a impulse. Expand on your colleague’s posting. Return to this Discussion in a few days to interpret the responses to your judicious posting. Note what you bear well-informed and/or any apprehensions you bear gained as a product of the comments your colleagues made. Submission and Grading Information Grading Criteria To path your rubric: Discussion Rubric Post by Day 3 and Respond by Day 5 To join-in in this Discussion: Week 2 Discussion