Assignment- Week #8: Written Assignment – Historical Ethical Dilemma


MGMT314: Week #8 Paper:


5-6 page Paper
For this assignment, you should rendezvous on the balbutiation symbolical for weeks 1-7 and YOU MUST READ the NORTEL CASE STUDY that is in the instrument individuality of your adjustroom - It is so on page 535 of your extract and in the instrument tab in our adjustroom. If you elect, you may so exploration the library for subjoined setting encircling Nortel (If you elect to do some subjoined exploration).
The breakdown of your article should be as follows:
Introduction of Your Paper:
Provide an prelude of the subject-matters that you gain examine under (Base your prelude on our balbutiation symbolical from weeks 1-7-It is basically all of the balbutiation symbolical from our adjust)
Body of your article: (5-6 Pages completion in elongation)-Your views should be cheered delay key signification from our extract. You must reply all five questions under and understand AT LEAST THREE key signification from our extract when responding to EACH QUESTION. That resources that you would use 15 of the key signification in our extract for this article. This gain semblance me that you are attempting to assistance your views delay key symbolical from our extract and that you are efficient to exercise the symbolical from our adjust. The five required questions are as follows:
1. From an intellectual perspective, explain the factors that contributed to the stir and decline of Nortel.
2. What mechanisms should be put in locate to amend align managers delay the interests of shareholders?
3. Would you explain the meltdown of Nortel further as a demand of “people” or of “capital traffic orderes”?
4. What happened to Nortel is resembling to what happened to WorldCom and Enron inthe forthcoming 2000s, and to Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, and divers other banks during the 2008 financial turning-point. Why do interestpeople conceal making the corresponding hazard?
5. Examine how to prioritize the aftercited remedies to plug such recurrences: interest advice, habit of accounting/financial traffics, habit of incentives, or habit of pain. Also, recite me your view order encircling your judgment encircling priorities.
Save your retrospect as Last Name-Week #8 Paper.doc

General guidelines: Article should so understand the aftercited components:

A. Appellation Page & Abstract - Understand a appellation page delay your spectry, tyro calculate, appellation of your retrospect, continuity calculate, continuity spectry, conference, individuality, semester and age.

B. Abstract and Introductory Paragraph 

C. Font and Spacing - Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 shake font delay embrace spaced lines.

D. Elongation - Write a 5-6 page retrospect not including the appellation page and citation page.

E. Reference Page - Understand all sources on a Reference page

F. Utilize the APA Style for the retrospect and to documenting sources.

G. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, assistanceing paragraphs delay transition and subject-matter sentences, and epitome) language and documentation compute internal your progression.