Assignment: Literature Review: The Use of Clinical Systems to Improve Outcomes and Efficiencies


Module 4 Assignment is due by Day 7 of Week 8.

In this Assignment, you achieve review immodest (4) real investigation focused on the collision of clinical classifications and muse on the collision of clinical classifications on outcomes and efficiencies amid the treatment of nursing habit and healthcare delivery. After reviewing, you achieve summarize your findings. Read the assignment instructions and rubric carefully.

In a 4- to 5-page Nursing essay, synthesize the peer-reviewed investigation you reviewed. Format your Assignment as an Annotated Bibliography. Be unmistakable to discourse the following:

  • Identify the immodest (4) peer-reviewed, vulgar (published amid the ultimate 5 years), erudite subscription. The investigation should afford evidence to assistance the use of one form of clinical classification to reform outcomes and/or efficiencies. Cite each in APA format.
  • Include an introduction teaching the design of the Nursing essay.
  • Summarize each studyAvoid frequented quotations. Paraphrase, teach, and mix counsel obtained from peer-reviewed investigation delay misapply passage to teach your familiarity, union, and dubious thinking.
  • For each studyexplain the reformment to outcomes, efficiencies, and lessons learned from the collision of the clinical classification. Be unfair and afford examples.
  • In your conclusion, synthesize the findings from the 4 peer-reviewed investigation subscription.
  • Use APA format and conceive a distinction page.
  • For counsel about annotated bibliographies, visit
  • Use the Safe Assign Drafts to obstruct your contest percentage before submitting your performance.

Use misapply APA headings to shape your Nursing essay by topics and subtopics. Proofread for any style, passage, and intimation roll APA issues. Below are advantageous links:

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