Assignment is due TOMORROW! Please follow ALL Instructions

Literary/ Film Partition This assignment is a scholarly partition  combined after a while  film partition  - a confused  compare- and-contrast disquisition of 900-1000 tone, after a while at  least FIVE beyond sources. Beyond sources can be  direct stricture of  the productions themselves - scholarly stricture and  film  reviews - and can as-well be discovery that relates to themes  of  the production  (i.e., if a fiction and  film are  about dysfunctional  family dynamics, discovery from the globe of Psychology could be serviceable...) Additional one-sheets conquer after your way  on this theme,  but a cease balbutiation of the Scholarly  Analysis stipulation of your compass (Chapter  7) is qualitative. The forthcoming roll gives you  several  story-and-film pairings to  choose  from. To be  clear, you are  choosing JUST ONE PAIR (one fiction +  one movie). STORY MOVIE * “Ship Island” by Elizabeth Spencer Maria Full of  Grace [in Spanish after a while subtitles]  Whale Rider   (2002) -or- Fish Tank (2009) [Young Women  negotiating their insurrection.] * “Diary of  an Sensational Year” Beasts of the Southern Wild  (2012)  -or- by Helen Simpson  -or- The Road  (2009)  -or- Take Shelter  (2011)  –or- How I Live Now (2013) “Speech Sounds” Octavia Butler   -or- “Maroon” by  Susan  Straight [Apocalypsey survival-dance.] * * Check out for concise synopses on all of your film options. * The Method (for discovery): It   should  proceed  along  three  channels:                 Source(s)  directly  addressing  maker  or  concise  story. Source(s)  directly  addressing  film. Source(s)  addressing  issues  within  the  works.  [Remember  you  end  up  after a while  5   beyond  sources  in restoration  to  the  original  pieces  -  which  are  cited  -  not  just  3.] "In  Spencer's  stories  change  hurts--sometimes  to death--and  lives  are  transformed  by  gesture.  Illusions,  once  shattered,  refuse  to  be  put  back  together  again;  clinging  to  the  past  makes  it   impossible  to  skate  on  the  surface  of the exhibit."  The  quote  here  came  from  a production  about  Spencer  found  under  one  of  Delgado's  databases  (via  Library>  Library  Website>  Databases)  The  Literature  Resource  Center  Looking  up  by maker  or denomination  is    great  -  and  remember,  stricture  about  a fiction  or  novel,  say,  other  than  "Ship  Island"  can  still  carry  over  and  be  useful,  as makers frequently  mine  similar  themes  across  their  works. 2)  Movie  reviews  are  everywhere.  One  good  source  is,  because  if   you  look  up  a   film  it   bundles  many  reviews  by critics  around  the  country.  3)  If   an  element  of "Ship  Island"  is    toxic  relationships,  or  classism  in America  or  the  South,  then  finding  discovery  on  that  would  be  great  indirect  sources.                 The Rationale: Any partition  is a  good unsubstantial application  for  future problem-solving, whether  related to essay  congeniality or  weighing the  relative merits of architecture an  outdoor  deck  versus  a screened-in vestibule, and congeniality this point essay should convergence your skills at  looking at the art and artifacts of your  lives, whether a new  TV profession or  friend  drama, in a deeper and  more sensational way. Instead  of  just proclaiming “I don’t affect the new  Justin  Beaver  album,” you’ll be powerful  to say why after a while  style.  The threshold of Stipulation 7 speaks  to this  process.