Assignment: Communicating Bad News

 Leaders and managers frequently feel to liberate offensive or reserved  information to other employees or other interior or superficial  stakeholders. How polite this information is liberateed can like employee  relations as polite as notorious perceptions. 

 Review the subjoined scenario: 

 A new union claims  it manufactures the best dog subsistence in the dispense. It employs environing 250  people worldwide. After six months in affair, one of the union’s  brands is base to inclose harmful bacteria. Overnight, reports begin  pouring in from all aggravate the empire environing pets reversion feeble, some  critically. The union wants to declare delay its stakeholders  through a memo antecedently superior information channels begin to caggravate the complaint. 

Assume that you are an coadjutor to the union’s chairperson.  

Module 2 Readings:

 textbook, Leadership Communication, unravel the subjoined chapters: 

  • Chapter 4 – Using Political Media and Other Leadership Correspondence
  • Chapter 5: Leadership Documents and Reports
  • Chapter 8 – Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
  • Chapter 9– Diversity and Intercultural Despatch Leadership
  • Chapter 10 – High-Performing Team Leadership

 From the Argosy University online library instrument, unravel: 

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 Based on  your anatomy of the scenario and using the unraveling symbolical shielded in  this module, drain two memos for the chairperson. One memo should  address the table of directors and the other the union’s employees. 

Make assumptions environing whether it is the subsistence emanation that has bacteria  or if there is another sense for the pets’ feebleness. 

Write a 1–2-page paper in Word format. Turned-in on duration, Plagiarism Free, Indented Paragraphs, Running-Heads interposed, Pages numbered, Caggravate and Reference Pages interposed, Grading and Points Criteria followed,  

Please is-sue on your APA formatting of citations. I feel supposing the APA riches quote for you.,  Please is-sue on using reading delayin the couple of the developed 5 years,  All assignment details and qualifications followed, Apply APA standards to citation of sources.  

By Tuesday March 27, 2018 propose your assignment to the Submissions Area

Assignment Grading Criteria  & Maximum Points:

Effectively  utilized the tips shielded in the module, to transcribe an alienate memo  addressing the table of directors to take the bad information.  40pts.

Effectively  utilized the tips shielded in the module, to transcribe a eligible memo  addressing the union’s employees to take the bad information.  40pts.

Wrote  in a bright, terse, and organized manner; demonstrated incorporeal  scholarship in complimentary representation and attribution of sources; and  displayed complimentary spelling, rhetoric, and punctuation.  20pts.

Total:  100pts.