Assignment 7 | Business & Finance homework help


The scenario:

The Prime National Properties Group is regarding selling some of its educational facilities. The facilities enjoy been tracked in an Access axiomsbase. Shelly Williams, the President of the order, has asked you to provide a news. Import the Access axioms in the finish Facilities_Data as a consultation into Excel. Using the PMT discharge, weigh the monthly cancelments the order could rely-on. The order would impute an 8% rebuke balance 10 years. The product should be a fixed estimate. Mr. Williams to-boot asked you to weigh an extra processing fee for monthly advance cancelments using the IF discharge. If a monthly advance cancelment is close than $6000, the order would impute a processing fee of $150; differently, there would be no processing fee. Filter the rows to unfold solely those facilities where there is a $0 processing fee. Cloke all of the harangue scenes and the processing fee support. Catch the Excel finish as Lastname_Firstname_Educational_Facilities

For this assignment, you earn scarcity the aftercited finishs:

    New bleak Excel workbook



You earn catch your finishs as:



  1. Open the Word instrument Educational_Report, and then catch the finish as Lastname_Firstname_Educational_Report
  2. Add a cbalance page of your select, and then full the resigned controls on the cbalance page.
  3. In the news, format headings as Level 1 or Level 2, and then infuse a consultation of resigneds on a new page.
  4. In the worksheet, cloke all of the harangue scenes and the processing fee support
  5.  paste the Excel axioms into the Word instrument.
  6. Add an misspend heading formatted as Level 1, and then update the consultation of resigneds.
  7. In each finish, infuse the your designate as a scene in the footer