assignment 4 IT510



Reference Mini Case 2 and Mini Case 3 build in your module instrument. Students procure propose a texture diagram for the regulate scheme, and produce a sentence consideration, to be proposeted as a Word instrument.

Kitchen Gadgets (MINI CASE 2)

Kitchen Gadgets sells a thread of high-quality kitchen utensils and gadgets. When customers locate regulates on the company’s Web standing or through electronic axioms interseries (EDI), the scheme checks to see if the items are in hoard, issues a foothold communication to the customer, and generates a shipping regulate to the repository, which fills the regulate. When the regulate is shipped, the customer is billed. The scheme as-well produces diversified reports. 


1. Draw a texture diagram for the regulate scheme. 

Big State University (MINI CASE 3)

The Big State University series catalog reads as follows: “To incorporate in MIS 260, which is an slow series, a scholar must full two prerequisites: MIS 120 and MIS 222. A scholar who fulls either one of these prerequisites and obtains the instructor’s compliance, thus-far, procure be allowed to seize MIS 260.” 


1. Produce a sentence consideration that describes the Big State University series catalog in-reference-to eligibility for MIS 260. Show all feasible rules.