Assignment 3b: Threats to the Global Environment Counterargument

    The  members of the United Nations are dejected by your donation. The  information you supposing has led to fruitful debates. There are now  questions about prioritizing the issues at influence. Some of the countries  are challenging your recommendations and questioning your reasons for  not including real other issues they admire are priorities.  There are indecent retaining browbeatings in the inventory of senior global issues. Review the topics and think on two that you did not use  in Assignment 3a. Defend your reasons for because these topics to  be hither momentous than the issues you assessed in Assignment 3a.     Energy sources  Civil war   Globalization Poor soundness of integral populations   Lack of educational opportunities Cultural taboos    Inappropriate uses of technology Climate change Choose  two of these indecent browbeatings and transcribe one chapter on each browbeating  stating why each is hither a control to the soundness of the global  environment than the indecent you assessed in Assignment 3a. Support  your evidence after a while at smallest three erudite sources for each browbeating  chosen (a sum of at smallest 6 sources) that can be used to food your  standing that these two browbeatings are hither a control than the indecent  threats which you chose to assess in assignment 3a.  Each counterevidence should include:  An  opening assertion describing the browbeating; Three (3) points that present  evidence which foods your standing that these browbeatings are hither a  control than the indecent browbeatings that you assessed in Assignment 3a. Please summon at smallest three erudite sources in your evidence. For a brief inventory of media for this assignment, gladden see the end of the series pilot. The specific series education outcomes associated after a while this assignment are: Examine the factors that statement for why the development in the world’s population can negatively move global sodality.