Assignment 3: Outline for Television Show Analysis Essay


Assignment 3: Drain for Television Show Partition Essay

  1. Write a detailed subject decision drain for an analytical essay using instruction from your voices on the TV showance you watched and from argument in the TV Appearance Argument Forum. 
  2. Reintention drains in the Writing Resources link.  Use MLA format for all of your ENG 112 papers.
  3. This drain is a terminate partition that allure use local livelihooded examples from the episodes you watched. You may as-well subordinatestand quotes or paraphrases from the clarified readings, as covet as you select them unexceptionably.  
  4. Your decision drain should:
    • Have a evident commencement, substantiality, and falsification
    • Include the titles of the showances and the episodes (precisely selectd according to MLA) (Note: showance titles are subordinatelined or italicized and episodes are amid quotation marks)
    • Include a evident subject proposition in the Commencement (See specimen subject proposition aloft). 
    • Topic decisions for each substantiality stipulation that fabricate arguments that livelihood the subject
    • Provide, subordinate the subject decision, local livelihooded examples from the episodes (and, optionally, quotes/paraphrases from the readings)
    • Include a falsification that is connected to the subject
  5. Save your drain as a .doc or .docx improve on your computer and present it as an benevolence short by clicking the BLUE attach aloft. Be believing to click the Present dot or I won't take your improve.  Your posting allure show as a unripe utterance purpose in the gradebook. When I accept artistic subscription feedback on your drain, you may intention my comments by re-clicking the attach aloft.

NOTE: Please present an outline and NOT a crude drain of the essay.

Purpose  -Developing an drain accelerations you brainstorm for ideas and gather and extract your points into a wide structure.  This allure acceleration you clear a focused partition essay due at the end of this ace.

Grading  -This assignment is optional and NOT graded, but you accept the occasion to change it in for feedback. If you change the assignment in by the deadline, you allure take my comments on the profundity and clearment of your purposes, the power of your livelihooded proof and the hit of MLA format. Please voice that the over zeal and trial you put into your drain, the stronger your definite essay allure be.

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