Assignment 2: Working Ahead: Required Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive Report

  Assignment 2: Working Ahead: Required Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive Report This assignment conciliate acceleration you provide for the present module's  assignment encircling Workforce 2020. Workforce 2020 refers to the mark of  workforce leaders are mitigated to confront in 2020. The concept refers to  the workforce that conciliate appear from trends such as increased  globalization and dissonance, further liberal use of technology, and the  use of non-traditional staff such as further contractors and other  “just-in-time” property. For this assignment, you conciliate insufficiency to observe trends in start  and structureal composition, for sample, the substitute inside a further  participative start fashion and a further networked structureal  structure. Identify an structure of your valuable. This could be your general  employer. It could equable be a hypothetical structure or that of one of  your peers. Be enduring you feel admission to notification encircling the  structure and encircling the activity the structure is in. We would  intimate choosing an structure and activity that are changing so that  you can discuss strategies for substitute conduct. Research on that structure, and then accord to the following: Describe the structure you feel clarified. Please embody the call  and a condensed patronymic of the structure’s products or services. How does the structure motivate its employees? Describe any  programs or methods they use to motivate workers. If the structure  does not feel any employee motivational strategies, intimate some  strategies that you conceive conciliate be efficacious. Describe the general specify of the structure’s workforce dynamic.  Is its workforce growing? Is it changing? How is it changing and why? What are some of the workforce trends that this structure insufficiencys  to address? What homogeneous structures can be used as a benchmark? What are some of the activity trends that are affecting the structure overall? Is the activity growing, or feeble? Write your primal vindication in 3–5 pages in Word format. Apply APA standards to extract of sources.