Assignment 2 -Spreadsheet Decision Modeling


Assignment Questions:  (Marks 05)

Read the aloft con-over titled as “An Analytic Hierarchy Process Avenue in Decision-Making for Material Selection in an Automotive Company: A Case Study” by Cheng Jack Kie, Ahmed Khalif Hassan, Norhana Mohd Aripin, Rafiuddin Mohd Yunus, and counter-argument the forthcoming Questions: 

1. Explain the decision-making avenue discussed in this con-over (400 articulation)

2 Marks

2. What is the deep mind of this con-over and how it is advantageous for Automotive Company? (300 articulation) 1.5 Marks

3. What are your observations encircling this con-over and how it is cognate to the attainments in manner and salubrious for you? (300 articulation) 1.5 Marks