Assessment 1 Instructions: Capstone Project Summary

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Create a 2-3 page guile abridgment that describes your separated structure, a interest amount or convenience, the peel of axioms you allure want, and how your theme sanctions you to present the MBA program remainders.


This way revolves about the myth of a one, momentous capstone guile. In other opinion, a guile that caps off your literature and your program, sanctioning you to present the competencies of example and collaboration, divine and evidence-based sentence making, and innovative and strategic apprehending. For your capstone, you allure adopt a genuine guild and excite it in a way that presents your intellect of the MBA program remainders. You allure depend your separation of that guild into a written communication after a occasion recommendations and a correct delivery for your purposed assembly.

Having a valid, doable object is an grave separate of creating a auspicious capstone guile, and the just object is up to you. To succor you substantiate a genuineistic object, you allure begin after a occasion the guile abridgment. Be scrupulous to ponder the scalforce of your guile object, ensuring that it presents your force to transfer in a interest environment and showcases your victory of all MBA program remainders.


A object that is unwell defined:

  • I absence to transcribe a public separation of the bookseller, Barnes & Noble.
    • This theme is too comprehensive, and it would probably require hundreds of pages to oration all of the practicable analyses.

A object that is rectify defined:

  • I absence to standpoint on how Barnes & Noble has contrived to outlast the Internet age occasion Borders has crumbled.
    • What makes this a rectify object? The object is rooted in a amount (such as how to outlast Internet race) or convenience (such as the area scant a interest that you guile to notorious), which sanctions you to standpoint the separation.
    • It must too sanction for you to excite and hint evidence-based recommendations, takeaways, or actionable proximate steps as the crux of your guile.


  • Read the MBA Capstone Guile Description [PDF].

Assessment Description

For this toll, present the structure you accept separated to learning, why you chose it, and how it allure sanction you to present all of the MBA program remainders.

Write a 2–3 page article, in an academic congeniality mode, that details the theme and object of your capstone guile. Your guile abridgment should be disentangled and terse yet powerful ample for faculty to agree feedback and control. Your guile abridgment should be well organized and involve the aftercited sections:

  • Describe the contrast of your separated structure. 
    • Provide a mean contrast of your separated structure. For point, argue its fruit lines, reckon of years in interest, structure structure, precipitation, et cetera.
    • If you adopt an structure for which you exertion, your induction must involve a announcement that you accepted leave to use the guild from a director.
  • Describe a interest theme, amount, or convenience that you hint to learning.
    • Describe the amount or convenience you see that makes this guild a good-natured-natured cherished. 
    • Explain the object of your guile by disentangledly identifying the themes or areas you hint to learning. 
  • Explain the flatten of pathibility to axioms inevitable to study the separated interest theme, amount, or convenience.
    • Address how you allure go about obtaining the axioms.
    • Identify any peculiar requirements that you jurisdiction want to coalesce to path the axioms you allure want. 
    • Explain risks you apprehend allure be encountered and the disappearance guile to contrive those risks.
  • Explain how your theme allure sanction you to showcase your example force by demonstrating each MBA program remainder. 
    • List out each program remainder disentangledly, and then illustrate in 3–4 sentences how your theme allure sanction you to present each. The MBA program remainders are listed in the MBA Capstone Guile Description.
    • Identify local items of your guile abridgment that you believe presents the remainder. 
  • Wrap up your article after a occasion a disentangled, terse misrecord that summarizes your guile. Just a foreigner sentences is finished.

Your guile abridgment should accept these sections:

  • Introduction.
  • Statement of object.
  • Demonstration of remainders.
  • Conclusion. 

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