Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Resources Presentation

  Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® introduction on a methodology you beget for assessing accuracy and reliability of an Internet beginning of CAM instruction. Include inferential debater notes and relation citations. Describe how a consumer's attitudes and beliefs encircling CAM could above external assessments of reliability and accuracy in CAM. Create five external criteria to referee the accuracy and reliability of a beginning of instruction on CAM. Select a CAM therapy or modality, and elimination the Internet for websites on this therapy or modality. Be secure to not use the similar therapy you used for the CAM Nursing essay. Then, achieve the following:  Describe the therapy. Examine the mark of inoculation or counsel that is required. Discuss whether a permit or certification is required to exercitation this therapy. Identify the overseeing or regulating form for this therapy.  Using your criteria, re-examination one of the websites and indicate how received the predicament is for CAM instruction.  Explain how you reached your misentry encircling the website. Consider using a grading flake or grid for this employment. Describe steps the webpredicament could charm to acception its accuracy. Will be ran through turnitin- No Plagiarism.