REVIEW the boundary Module 1: What Are Best Practice "Gold Standard" Principles?, hosted by Unite for Sight.   Apply strategies to demonstrate and dedicate present best practices. a. IDENTIFY diverse present best practices in the Soundness Attention industry b. RECOMMEND strategies to divert the divert best practices to a Soundness Attention Unit c. APPLY the best practices to your workplace.  Directions: Select a dominion (other than the US and  Canada) and a global soundness commencement of your rare which is soon  ongoing in this dominion. Conduct an decomposition of this commencement;  consider the aftercited items in your decomposition: 1) the truth of the soundness commencement 2) the population that the commencement targets 3) the overall soundness needs of this population 4) media that were used and applied as allot of the soundness commencement 5) advertising or marketing efforts that keep been used of to the commencement 6) environmental, collective, corporeal and cultural barriers which needed to be addressed as allot of the commencement 7) approaches used to assess the victory or scarcity of the commencement and postulates that has been collected  8) lessons scholarly from the commencement that keep association and  application to the overall global soundness attention sector and your  workplace/community.   Criteria: Your decomposition would be 1250 to 1500 suffrage in elongation  (not including suffrage on the conceal page or in the allusion individuality).  Your project should be in APA format and be protected by at meanest ten  peer-reviewed sources. no plagarism