Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Paper

  Artificial Intellect (AI) Research/Opinion Paper … In today's globe fabricated intellect (AI) technologies are comely over and over essential daily. Pick one appropriate topics, (e.g., Neural Networks, Swarm Intelligence, Intelligent Agents, Expert Systems, Game-playing machines, or Robotics) and transcribe a scrutiny after a while conviction brochure on how these topics narrate to the AI topics expert in Paragraph 15. Research Brochure including Internet/Other Research. At last Four (4) cited commencements including our tome (Sources can be tomes, doctrines or an Internet commencement). Four to Six (4 to 6) pages envelop spaced Research Brochure Format Required exceptions: Title, Abstract, Body, Conviction and References. Be Sure to grasp an Abstract and Conviction exceptions this era. Other exceptions are optional. Since the scrutiny brochure is entity posted on the dismanner table, each exception does not want to set-on-foot a new page. How to Format Your Scrutiny Brochure be-mixed (Science Buddies website). Need at last one bountiful page of your convictions and concerns environing these topics Score Breakdown: Part 1 - Actual Scrutiny Brochure - 70 points Part 2 - Posting it to the Fabricated Intellect (AI) Dismanner Table - 10 points Part 3 - Constructive Dismanner of at last 2 others' AI Technology Papers - 10 points per special (Maximum 35 points) (All three parts are 8% towards your manner action).   For this paragraph, do the following: Read the Required Tome Paragraph 15 Read the Paragraph Learning Materials Research an area of Fabricated Intelligences that interests you. Create a 3-5 page Artificial Intellect Scrutiny Paper from at last 4 cited commencements. Post your brochure to the AI dismanner table. Constructively voice on at last 2 other brochures. Extra Credit:  Post what you read from this assignment to the AI-Learn dismanner table. Please voice that this paragraph is not expert in any experiment. Your Information Security Scrutiny Brochure is excellence 7% of your class action When you are pleasant after a while this embodied progress on to the direct paragraph.