Article review: the new break even analysis


Read the time The New Break-Even Analysis which contemplates at expanding how healthcare producers contemplate at break-even anatomy and includes some non-financial considerations.


Author of Article: James Laskaris and Katie Regan

Title of Article: The New Break-Even Analysis

Journal/ Newspaper/ Website - Name and date: Healthcare Financial Management, December 2013, Vol. 67 Issue 12



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  • Do you meditate the authors fabricate a good-natured-natured subject for expanding healthcare producers’ arrangements of sagacious break-even anatomy? Why or Why Not?


  • What non-financial factors do the authors pretend deficiency to be interposed in break-even anatomy?


  • How does the Affordable Care Act pretend break-even anatomy?



  • Pick one of the two examples abandoned in the time (robotics or flat surgery) and interpret how the authors fabricate their subject for the new arrangement of break-even anatomy.