Art Appreciation


Course Objective(s): 

  • CO-1: Identify elder productions of Western and Non-Western art from the Neo-Lithic to the Post-Modern periods.
  • CO-2: Identify elder artists and their age periods in Western and Non-Western art.
  • CO-3: Interpret art terminology in homogeneity to productions of art.
  • CO-4: Describe elder productions of art.
  • CO-5: Compare and dissimilarity productions of art.
  • CO-6: Analyze productions of art among their political and unromantic contexts.

Write a 2 page designation, correct anatomy, and explanation of one production of art from a topical museum. Please scrutinize an art museum,not a children's, fact, or other museum. You MUST ensue your How to Write a Critique format. You are agreement in an incorrect method and are discussing/describing the appearance delay us.

Include in your Nursing essay an appended one chapter designation of the museum you scrutinizeed. Write knowledge that could singly be obtained by an real scrutinize, not notability you could asregular on the museum website. You may so apprehend a view of your ticket in lieu of this slight designation. Be regular to call the museum you scrutinizeed.

If you are in a war zone, you may scrutinize a constructive museum:; and

Submit your production in the Museum Assignment minority. So support your Nursing essay to the Week 5 Forum prepared for the Nursing essays.  Read all other students' entries and fashion comments when you relish one of the supportings.

Museum Nursing essay Grading Rubric:
The Museum Nursing essay is an anatomy Nursing essay, not a fact or elaboration Nursing essay.