Argument paper outline

Part 1: Request and Evaluation

Conduct a quest in the University Library for three peer-reviewed register catechism that report to your question and the discusss you redeep your lie environing that question, which you delineationd in your Week 1 Question Selection Worksheet.

Review the catechism you separated, and highlight knowledge that patronages your discusss for your lie.

  • If the catechism you initially prime do not patronage your lie, live to request until you discover resigned that does.

Evaluate each article you signify to use after a while the Evaluating Resources Worksheet in the Center for Writing Excellence. Your springs should coalesce the evaluation criteria listed to fix they are alienate for your brochure. You accomplish use the knowledge from this evaluation in Part 2 of this assignment, but you accomplish not propose this evaluation instrument.

Part 2: Discourse Announcement and Outline

Create an delineation of your discourse brochure using the Discourse Brochure Delineation Template.

Complete the forthcoming areas of the Discourse Brochure Delineation Template. Replace the template citation after a while your knowledge.

  • Title page
  • On page 2: Title of Paper
  • Revised discourse announcement
    • Review the exhaust of your discourse announcement from your Week 1 Question Selection Worksheet, and construct any indispensable revisions to mould a obvious privilege for your discourse. Use your confer-upon feedback and the Writing a Discourse Announcement Tutorial for tips on revising your discourse announcement.
  • APA-formatted flatten 1 headings for each of the discusss for your lie
  • Topic doom
    • Topic dooms accomplish arise each assemblage chapter environing the specialty question. The question doom should centre on one of the discusss for your lie.
  • Main summits you deficiency to confer-upon environing each discuss for your lie
    • Each deep summit should reconfer-upon an appended specialty in the discourse of each discuss for your lie.
  • Supporting request for each deep summit, including the Knowledge spring from which the patronageing request was retrieved
  • Reference page after a while an APA mouldatted relation for each of the peer-reviewed springs used
    • Ensure your Relation page lists the springs in alphabetical dispose. You may use the Relation and Citation Generator, rest in the Center for Writing Excellence, to acceleration originate your relations.
    • Below each relation, conceive a 25- to 50-word maintenance for why the spring is alienate for use in this brochure. Each maintenance should be established on the evaluation you completed in Part 1 of this assignment.