Go to www.apta.org, delight response the subjoined questions.  Questions 1-4: (max 2 points each) 1. In your own control, what does the APTA do?  _______    ___________________________________________________________________      2. In your own control, digest the APTA’s Vision Statement.      ______       3. Under the “Current Students” exception, what do you discover most animated or adapted and why?  ______________________________________________________  _________________________      4. Under the “Practice & Patient Care- Usage Administration” exception, peruse encircling Compatriot Review. In your own control, depict what Compatriot Re-examination is.        a. How does the compatriot re-examination order obey temper among the influence of a tangible therapy usage or province?            5. What are the Values-based Behaviors for PTAs? Give an development for each demeanor. (max 16 points)    1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8. 6. Under the “Practice and Patient Care” exception, discover the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Tangible Therapist Assistant (Appendix 2). Print out a representation and highlight which scale you most fulfill delay. Attach the scales to this assignment. Choose a bullet under the highlighted scale you chose and in the room granted underneath elucidate why you arrive-at it is considerable. (10 pts.)