Application: Models of Addiction and the Assessment Process

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Several types are important in the scope of addictions; these types apprehend the medical type, ethical type, and the biopsychogregarious type. A point type advocated by an addictions negotiative obtain wave the negotiative’s choices of impost methods and texture of addiction.


To prepare:

  • Consider the subjoined limitation of addiction by Michael Miller, M.D., prior principal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine: “At its centre, addiction is not orderly a gregarious amount or a ethical amount or a iniquitous amount. It is a brain amount whose behaviors visible in all these others areas…The illness is environing brains, not drugs. It is environing underlying neurology, not forthcoming actions” (Addiction Texture Magazine, 2011).

Assignment Directions:

  • Review the season, “New Limitation of Addiction Causing Quarrel Unformed Doctors.” (See Reference)
  • Research two seasons that influence or repel this collocation.
  • Examine Miller’s proposition and, established on your learning, confirm which type it reflects and the implications for the impost arrangement. (See rooted for addiction types)

Submit by Day 7 a 3- to 4-page article (Not including address or ref. pg.) that apprehends the subjoined:

  • A scanty cognomen of the seasons you chose and an description of their import to Miller’s limitation
  • An description of the type reflected in Miller’s proposition and its implications for the impost arrangement
  • An description of the quarrel that exists unformed types of addiction and their possessions on impost
  • An description of the correlativeness unformed the types of addiction and impost arrangementes

Cite your sources using APA guidelines including citing amid article).



Addiction Texture Magazine. (2011). New limitation of addiction causing quarrel unformed doctors. Retrieved from