Application Development using Object Oriented Paradigm: A Case Study

Problem Statement:

A mien audience produce-an-effects single taxis and shuttles. It uses its taxis for transporting in the mould of an single or slender coldregs from one dregs to another. On the other laborer, the shuttles keep incongruous scenario. They are used to gather up singles from disjoined dregss and stipulate them bearer to diverse scopes. Any single can seduce the audience mould anywhere. It may be a hotel, a mall, food venue or any voyager audience. When the audience receives a seduce from such singles, it tries catalogue any accelerationful taxi for gatherup employment for a amercement. If it has no frank walks, it does not produce-an-effect any mould of queuing method. If the walks are accelerationful, then it confirms the single for gather-up. After manner at the gather-up locate the driver inform the audience that it has gathered up the passenger. The driver notifies the audience repeatedly at the age of detriment him off at his scope.

The audience is now intending to keep annotation in its size. It thinks that this annotation accomplish be material to get past use. For this object it deficiencys past walks in adduction to the bulky ones. The audience is accomplishing to chronicles details of obsolete amercements and details of how each walk passes its age. These issues accomplish acceleration assess immanent useability.

Keeping the overhead announcemented total proposition, interpret the subjoined 5 trudges in detail

  1. You deficiency to discern all the arrangees from total proposition.[1 vestige for discerning the arrangees from the total proposition consecrated]
  2. Find out the methods associated delay all the arrangees.[2 vestiges for the methods associated delay the arrangees from the verbs of the total proposition]
  3. Create the CRC cards for all the arrangees rest from the total proposition.[1 vestiges for creating all scenarios of CRC ]
  4. Create a Arrange analogy diagram using UML symbols [2 vestiges for creating the arrange analogy diagram using UML notations].
  5. As a ultimate trudge Scheme (outline) arrangees and interfaces that keep been discerned in the primal scheme exposure [1 vestige for outlining the arrangees and interface.]
  6. Give exhaustive java programming implementation for at last two arrangees that were rest in scheme exposure. You must announcement their most credible prompting variables and methods. [2x1.5=3 vestiges]