Apple inc. business discussion | Business & Finance homework help


Write a noise on Apple Inc. after a while the required knowledge granted adown. Use the corresponding appellation indicates (in doughty) antecedently presenting the knowledge as requested.

Report Headings

  1. Name of Company and Ticker Symbol: Company indicate, ticker symbol
  2. 10-K Report: Paste the trodden URL to the company’s most modern 10-K Report
  3. Company Website: Paste the URL to the company’s website
  4. Company Matter Model: This minority should oration the following:
    • Segment Data: Use the bulleted format to schedule the company's members/product lines and the percent each member contributes to sales/revenues. Member grounds should be noiseed in percentage provisions. Note: You may want to transform dollar grounds to percentages. Remember to impede that the percentage for all members utterly is 100 percent.
    • Review of Significant Events: Schedule key events from the ultimate five years, such as acquisitions, divestitures, new products and/or markets, and changes in skillful-treatment. Look for a timeline or truth on the company's website to get started.
  5. Evaluation: Using the knowledge you've cool so far, explain on the company's matter design. Identify and argue any strengths and/or concerns.