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A. P. United States Truth 2. Name___________________________Date________ ? Article 26. The Big West and the Unwandering Revolution, 1865-1896. Theme 1: Succeeding the Respectful War, stainlesss aggravatecame the Plains Indians’ furious hindrance and fixed the Big West, procureing to a terminate the yearn frontier countenance of American truth. Theme 2: The fellowcitizens who populated the West plant themselves the victims of an economic crisis in cultivation. Trapped in a persistent borrower dependency, in the 1880s they definitely peevish to gregarious exercise to expostuslow their proviso. Their trials culminated in the Popuroll Party’s vioslow to fashion an interracial fellowcitizen/toil confederacy in the 1890s, but William Jennings Bryan’s rout in the pivotal pintimation of 1896 signaled the ovation of sophisticatedism and the intermediate dispose. I. Abridgment for Chapter. Authenticate this minority as you are lection the passage, as these are the main effects and concepts of the lection. It is too very big to appear aggravate all passage inserts, cartoons, represents, maps, charts etc. that are in the lection. (33 pgs) 1. At the terminate of the Respectful War, the Big Plains and Mountain West were stationary compulsory by Indians who hunted buffalo on nagback and furiously resisted stainshort pursuit on their plant and way of duration. But as the stainlesss’ subsiststock grazed the prairies and distempers lowercut Indian intensity and collection, a cycle of environmental damcommunity and intertribal belligerence promptly threatened Native Americans’ entity. The federal council in-one a misconceived “treaty” program delay interrupted belligerence to intensity the Indians into abundantly barren deliverances. 2. Attempting to compel Indians into adopting stainshort ways, the council passed the Dawes Act, which eliminated tribal tenure of plant bound frequently impassible “humanitarians” fashiond a nettoil of Indian siege schools that raise assaulted unwritten Native American refinement. 3. The mining and myth frontiers fashiond colorful articles in western truth. Farmers carried out the definite countenance of residuum, lured by unhindered homesteads, reprimandroads, and irrigation. The census apparent the end of the frontier in 1890, spent a formative countenance of American truth. The frontier was short a “prophylactic valve” than multifarious believed, but the augmentation of cities substantially made the West the most sophisticatedized territory of the United States by the 1890s. 4. Inauguration in the 1870s, fellowcitizens began meddling into the treeshort prairies aggravate the 100th culmination, using the techniques of dry cultivation that ghostly contributed to begrime detriment. Irrigation projects, slowr financed by the federal council, authenticated specialized cultivation in multifarious areas of the parched West, including California. The “closing” of the frontier in 1890 signified the end of unwritten westward dilution, but the Big West remained a matchless gregarious and environmental territory. 5. As the fellowcitizens opened immense new plants, cultivation was graceful a mechanized profession hanging on specialized genesis and interdiplomatic markets. Uniformly declining appraisements and other woes doomed the fellowcitizens to persistent debit and dependency, they began to expostuslow their lot, original through the Grange and then through Farmers’ Alliances, the aggravateture to the People’s (Populist) slowrality. 6. The momentous hollow of the 1890s sttalented fellowcitizen and toil strikes and turmoil, redundant to a growing apprehension of dispose combat. In 1896 pro-silverite William Jennings Bryan stopd the Democratic Party’s nomination, and led a excited antagonism aggravate the “goldbug” Republicans and their applicant William McKinley. McKinley’s consummation in alluring sophisticated toilers disjoined from Bryan verifyd a outlineing sharp-end in American politics, signaling the ovation of the city, the intermediate dispose, and a new slowrality order that peevish disjoined from monetary manifestations and put the Republicans in the gregarious despatchr’s fix for two generations. II. Momentous topics & concepts for subsidy. Write these out on a disjoined shuffle of monograph. These conciliate be the topics of argument and dispose competition. Appear aloft in the abridgment of the article, as you exculpation the subjoined conceptual topics: 1. Discuss the principles and manifestations of the belligerence incomplete stainlesss and Native Americans in the big West. 2. Teach the harvest of federal device internal Native Americans in the slow nineteenth date. 3. Analyze the dirty flourishing and refuse of the myth and mining frontiers. 4. Explain the contact of the closing of the frontier and the yearn-term moderationing of the frontier for American truth. 5. Illustrate the crisisary changes in cultivation on the Big Plains. 6. Illustrate the economic intensitys that lean fellowcitizens into debit, and illustrate how the Grange, the Farmers’ Alliances and the Popuroll Laterality unconfused to expostuslow their cruelty. 7. Teach the momentous manifestations in the precarious antagonism of 1896 and illustrate the yearn term proceeds of McKinley’s conquest. III. Telling names, stipulations, and topics: Comprehend these stipulations etc. A. P. Jeopardy: The Clash of Cultures on the Plains (Page 594) Precedently lection this minority authenticate the passage of Frederick Jackson Turner on page 594. This is a name from his celebrated essay The moderationing of the Frontier in American Truth (1920) Too authenticate the anatomy of the essay in Varying Viewpoints on page 622. Too see 48 lowerneath. Content too see the represent and caption on page 595 this positively “talks” to the instrument from the Coronado speed of 1541. • Overaspect Cause: The pursuit of stainshort residuum and the translie of treaties. Effect: Led to closely regular belligerence delay Planes Indians from 1868 to environing 1890. . Meaning of intertribal belligerence, and intensityd locoturmoil of tribes. • Cheyenne and Sioux change from floor speed, bud villages to roaming buffalo hunters. 2. Proceeds of European distempers, and stainshort introduced subsiststock had devastating manifestations. 3. Pacification Treaties remarktalented the inauguration of the deliverance order in the West. • Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1851 • • Treaty of Fort Atkinson, 1853 • • These treaties normal boundaries for each: • • Attempted to disjoined Indians into two big colonies North and South of intended: 4. White misreport of Indian refinement and the manifestations: • Consider the represent and caption Pawnee Indians in Front of their Lodge 1868 and the instrument One Dishearten Indian complained on page 592. 5. (1860) Big Sioux deliverance (Dakota Territory) and Indian Territory in Oklahoma. • Continued unsoundness of federal Indian agents. • • Immigrant and Buffalo Soldiers were complicated in furious belligerence on the plains. See represent on page 597. Receding Native Population (Page 597) • Consider the map Indian Wars, 1860-1890 on page 598. As you authenticate lowerneath fix the momentous Indian battles on the map. . Sand Creek Massacre (1864) Colorado, Killing of aggravate 400 Indians. • Colonel J. M. Chivington. See Chivington instrument on page 598. 7. Fetterman Massacre (1866) The Sioux led by Chief Red Cloud violateed to seal the Bozeman Trail, which was to go from Fort Laramie, Wyoming, rectilinear through the kernel of the Sioux hunting conclude in Montana. Captain William Fetterman and his instruct of 81 were killed in Wyoming. • The cycle of faulty belligerence superveneed. 8. Treaty of Fort Laramie, (1868) The U. S. council frantic edifice the Bozeman Trail. 9. Black Hills gold” (1864) Colonel George Armstrong Custer’s or-laws speed into the South Dakota. • Gold Charge 10. Pigmy Big Horn Massacre (1876) Col. Custer’s Seventh Cavalry of 264 officers and men killed. • Indian leaders were Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. • • Indian hindrance was ghostly worn down, and by the end of the 1870s, most Sioux were on deliverances. • 11. Nez Perce (1977) • In 1877 the U. S. council ordered the Nez Perce of eastern Oregon to stir to a smaller deliverance in Idaho. When they were affordn the bias to stir the youthful braves staged a succession of inroads. Fearing repayment, the Nez Perce violateed to abscond to Canada, led by Chief Joseph. This clump of 800 Indians evaded stop for 75 days precedently supple to the U. S. soldiers impartial 40 miles from the Canadian boundary. In advising his fellow-creatures to afford up, Chief Joseph made a tender harangue. • “I am worn-out of opposed. Our chiefs are killed…The old men are all insensible. It is the youthful men who say yes or no. He who led the youthful men is insensible. It is settled and we bear no blankets. The pigmy outcome are unhinderedzing to termination. My fellow-creatures, some of them, bear run disjoined to the hills, bear no blankets, no assistance. No one comprehends wclose they are—perhaps unhinderedzing to termination. I omission interval to bear to appear for my outcome and see how multifarious I can perceive. Hear me, my chiefs. I am worn-out. My intensity is impaired and sad. From wclose the sun now stands, I conciliate struggle no aggravate forever”. 12. Apache tribes of Arizona and New Mexico • Geronimo (c1823-1909 See the represent and caption on page 599. 13. The necessity of the Plains Indian refinement 14. Name the occurrenceors that” tamed the Indian” Melody that the principle has prioritized the occurrenceors, frequently this is what you are asked to do in unvarnished essays. Can you see the image of topic that could be asked close, and how you would set up your discourse? Within your discourse one would apprehend what momentous occurrenceors? • Railroad • • Diseases • • Alcohol • • Extermicommunity of the Buffalo • • Melody that you bear a disposeic principle and effect: Railroad edifice, distemper, and the damcommunity of the buffalo, decimated Indian and hastened their rout at the hands of advancing stainlesss. Bellowing Herds of Bison (Page 599) 15. Bison as the staff of duration for the Plains Indians. • 16. Railroad rendering and the assispecimen eatables f or the toilers. • William Cody -hero or ruffian? The End of the Treprimand (Page 602) Consider the map, caption and passage Vanishing Freedelay on page 602. Consider the passage on The Indian Removal Act of 1830 and The Dawes Act of 1887. 17. Helen Hunt Jackson A Date of Dishonor (1881) • Ramona (1884) • What was the moderationing of these books? • • What other books in your consider of truth had telling bias on common judgment? • • Consider the photograph and caption Lakotas Receiving Rations at Standing Rock Reservation, ca. 1881. On page 603. Too consider the instrument Plenty Coups speaks 18. Why did do-gooders omission to reach Indians stainshort folks? 19. Outlaw of the Sun Dance in 1884. • “Ghost Dance” cult spauthenticate incomplete the Sioux • 20. The Massacre at Wounded Knee (1890) on the Pine Ridge deliverance in South Dakota manifestationed in the terminations of 200 Indians, multifarious of them women and outcome. The rational at Wounded Knee remarktalented the end of protected combat incomplete the United States council and the Indians. • Authenticate the instruments Respectful War proficient General Sheridan reflected on page 602. 21. Dawes Severalty Act of 1887. This dissolved multifarious tribes as lawful entities. Forced-assimilation • No tribal tenure • • Separate extraction culminations delay • Severalty: The proviso, as of plant entity held or owned by disjoined or separate exact. • Deliverance plant not affordn to the Indians was sold, publicity going to aid “civilize” and disciprow the Indians. • Why do the principles allure this a misbegotten upshot of the Indian regenerate device? 22. Carlisle Indian School (1879) Pennsylvania. Kill the Indian and reserve the man. • By 1900 Indians had lost; 23. Indian Reorganization Act, (1934) • (The Indian New Deal did what? ) • 24. By 1887 “Bullets, bottles, and bacteria” manifestationed in? • • What did the census of 2000 show? • Mining: From Dishpan to Ore Breaker (Page 604) 5. “fifty-niners” (1858) Colorado gold charge • Pike’s Peak multifarious stayed on to mine or farm jot. 26. Nevada, 1859 • Comstock Lode (1860-1890) twain gold and silver. • Meaning to Lincoln in 1864? • Smaller mining strikes gather population into Montana, Idaho and other western specifys 27. Boomtowns • Vigilante impartialice 28. What replaced the separate miner? • Why was this telling? • Why was the mining frontier big to women? • Why are the dates affordn and specifys affordn big to women? 29. The big riches of dear metals mined in the West had a proplant pretend on the community. Thesis) • Melody the occurrenceors of avail affordn by the principle and how they prioritize these occurrenceors. • Quickly roll those occurrenceors lower: • economic: • • gregarious: • • gregarious: • Beef Bonanzas and the Yearn Despatch (Page 605) • Consider the map Myth Trails on page 605 and melody the photograph and caption Dressed to Kill. • 30. Solution of the marketing amount for the Yearn Horn 31. “Beef barons” Swift and Armour Giant wood packers at Kansas City and Chicago 32. The “yearn despatch” Texas cowboys to the Railroad ultimate • Cow towns: Dodge City, Abilene, Kansas, Ogallala, Nebraska, and Cheyenne Wyoming. See the map on page 605 and fix the reprimand culminations 33. Frontier impartialice • The myth despatch subsistd fro 1866-1888 34. The Railroad and what other occurrenceors killed the Yearn Drive? • • Winter of 1886-1887 • 35. As a manifestation the stockmen did what to reserve his maintenance? • Wyoming Stock Growers Association • • The cowboy folklore subsists on. • • Consider the map and caption Fiction and being on page 603. The Cultivation Frontier (Page 606) Melody the DBQ The Farmers’ Movement, 1870-1900 on page A118. 36. Sodbuster 37. The Homestead Act of 1862 authenticated a settler to acquire: • • How was this Act divergent from earlier device? Why did the Homestead Act frequently outline out to be a “Cruel Hoax”? • • 38. How did reprimandways enact a momentous role in the harvest of the unwandering West? • Marketing of buds • RR inherent fellow-creatures to buy vile plant (Propaganda) • 39. The fiction of the big American Desert What does the principle moderation? • • 40. 100th culmicommunity and its moderationing? • John Wesley Powell councilr of the U. S. Geological Survey warned in 1874: • • See Average Annual Precipitation map on page 610. Fix the 100th culmicommunity row. • Dryness 1887-1892 41. “Dry cultivation” and its advenient consequences? • • Winter wintensity from: • 42. Joseph F. Glidden (1874) and his contribution: 43. Irrigation bias. One should melody the consequences of this damming of the rivers in Marc Reisner”s disposeic book: Cadillac Desert. The American West and its Disappearing Water. The Far West Comes of Age (Page 608) 44. What was the stimulus of the Republican Conclave of 1888-90? • 45. What held up Utah from graceful a specify until 1896? • 46. “Sooners” “Boomers” “Sooner State” (1889) • The Fading Frontier (Page 610) 47. What was the moderationing of the watershed date-1890? • 48. Frederick Jackson Turner “The Meaning of the Frontier in American History” (1920) • 9. Common Parks, Yellowstone (1872) Yosemite, Sequoia (1890) 50. “Safety-valve supposition” You should be talented to respecify this in your own words, and afford concludes for its stubbornness. The principle suggests that the prophylactic valve of the slow 19th date was: • • • • Some stubbornness? • • • Consider the chart Homestead from Common Freedelay on page 611. • Objective prophylactic valve in slow 19th date was in western cities: • • Consider the chart 51. In this terminal minority the principle’s sets in turmoil a discourse fixed upon the trans-Mississippi West as a matchless area. • Melody how they procure in variation and a commingle of refinements. • • Native American • Anglo refinement • • Hipic refinement • • Asian-American What other occurrenceors do they procure to his lie? • Environment molds • Gregarious • Gregarious • American imagicommunity • Federal council role in the West Do you assent? • Appear at VI. Below: Expanding Viewpoints and see how historians Turner and Stainshort secede. These thoughts are liberal too on page 622 “Was the West Truly Won”? Do you authenticate their discourse? • The Farm behove a Factory (Page 612) 52. The footing American fellowcitizens, uniformly the jacks-and- jills-of- all-trades, were fast changing. (A discourse) • Melody the stay for this discourse lowerneath: Can you authenticate the principles and the proceeds? Situate a (C) for principles and a (E) for proceeds and be talented to shield your lie. • “Cash buds” wintensity or corn • • Cogs-tied to: • • Had to buy rich machinery • • Placement of reprehend • • “mechanization of cultivation” • • (farm as occurrenceory) • 53. The regenerateer Henry George Progress and Poverty (See pages 579) patronymic of unwandering California. Deflation Dooms the Borrower (Page 609) 54. One bud husbanding has a written in risk, to learn what supervenes is to learn this risk. • Earth Market and its biass • 55. Know how low appraisements and a deflated publicity principled disaster for the fellowcitizen North, South and West. • • • If you’re not unmistakable ask in dispose. 56. What is a static publicity concede? • • What manifestations? • 57. What was the faulty cycle the fellowcitizens were caught in? • farm machinery increased genesis • Increase of jot lowered the appraisement • Farmers thus became deeper in debit 58. What were the proceeds on the fellowcitizens? • Mortgage omission • Farm tenancy rather than tenure • Sharecropping in the South • New industrial feudalism Unhappy Farmers (Page 613) • Farmers faced multifarious amounts and grievances See the bin and caption The Farmer’s Grievances on page 615. 59. Proceeds of regularity on the fellowcitizens: • Insects • Floods, erosion • dryness • Rich fertilizers • 60. Proceeds of council on the fellowcitizens: • Local, specify, communityal gouged the fellowcitizens • Plant aggravateassessed • taxes • High protective tariffs • 61. Proceeds of corporations on fellowcitizens: • At the grace of Trusts • Harvester, barbed wire, fertilizer trusts • Middleman cut • Grace of the jot warehouses, elevators and reprimandroads. • 62. Proceeds of the reprimandroad on fellowcitizens: • Freight rates • Difficulty to expostulate, RR operators retribution. • 63. Why were the fellowcitizens unorganized? • Inhanging • Individualistic • 64. Restriction of genesis was intensityd by the Federal council during the Big hollow lower Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. See Paying Farmers Not to Farm, pages 783. The Farmers Take Their Stand (Page 615) For an aggravateaspect of this stirment see Fast Track To A 5, pages 219-222 The Augmentation of Discontent: Farmers Organize 65. Greenback stirment in 1868 call-fored: • • 66. Common Grange (1867) unconfused by Oliver H. Kelley. 67. Original external of the Grange: • Gregarious • Economic • Fraternal activities 68. Next design of the Grange: • Economic Coop. stores, jot elevators and warehouses • Manufacture of harvesters 69. Grange gregarious designs: • Specify conclave of RR rates, Jot storage fees • Granger laws routed • • Wabash resolution, 1886. See page 538. The Supreme Court determined that separate specifys had no ability to reguslow interspecify communication. Later (1887) the conclave passed the Interspecify Communication Act that fashiond the Interspecify Communication Commission which forbade reprimandroads from some of their wrongdoings. 70. Greenback Toil slowrality (goals) • • James B. Weaver (Greenback Toil Party) ran in the Presidential pintimation of 1880, aggravate (James A. Garfield (Rep) and Winfield S Hancock (Dem) he polled singly 3% of the approved expression. See page A59. • Melody that Weaver frequently run for Chairman delay the Popuroll (People’s) Laterality in 1892 and won aggravate a pet approved expressions and 22 electoral expressions. See pages 523-24. Overture to Populism (Page 613) Too see Fast Track To A 5, pages 221-24. The Popuroll Party. Too see Mr. Soward’s handout Pictopassage 34 The Farmers Seek a New gregarious Laterality Authenticate the passage and outline to the represents Highlights of the Popuroll Platform. 71. Farmers’ Affinity designs: • • • What weakened the Alliance? • Ignored: • • 72. Colored Farmers’ Common affinity (1880) Truth of racial dissolution and divorce-among and council. 73. The emergence of the People’s Laterality (Populists) • What were their designs? It is very big to comprehend these designs as they set you up to learn the big regenerates that were to supervene. • Nationalize the • • Graduated: • • Fashion federal Subtreasury • • Unhindered and infinite coinage • 74. William Hope Harvey and his article Coin’s Financial School (1894) • His design was for what? 75. Ignatius Donnelly of Minnesota a Popuroll Congressman. • Mary Elizabeth Lease (1853-1933) Raise “Less Corn and aggravate Hell. See the represent and caption on page 616. • Standing approximately six feet elevated, she spoke passionately on side of the downtrodden fellowcitizens and challenged them to add to rectify their proviso. Her spurious haranguees could entice an interaspect for two or three hours. “You may allure me an anarchist, a gregariousist, or a communist, I custody not, but I delay to the supposition that if one man has not abundance to eat three intervals a day and another has $25 pet, that terminal man has celebrity that belongs to the original. ” By 1890 she backed the Popuroll Laterality and speeded West and South, memorable up stay for the third slowrality. Let the old gregarious divorceies comprehend that the inroad is aggravate,” she exhorted, “and that monopolies, trusts, and combines shall be relegated t Hades. ” The Gilded Age, Janette T. Greewood,Oxford U. Press, page 140 • The other momentous gregarious divorceies began to pay circumspection to Popuroll manifestations. See James B. Weaver in the pintimation of 1892. . Coxey’s Army and the Pullman Strike (Page 614) • Precedently your consider of Coxey’s Army and its moderationing, one jurisdiction omission to reach the affinity delay other rebellions in American truth and see what their origins were and melody any similarities. See: Andros Rebellion (1689) page 53. Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) page 68. • Leisler’s Rebellion (1689-91) page 82. Salem Witch Trials (1692-3) page 79-80. • Paxton Boys (1764) page 88. (Also see Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson, pp. 210-14. ) • Shays’s Rebellion (1786) page 176. Whiskey Rebellion (1794) page 196. Bonus Army (1932) page 766. 76. The Panic of 1893 (This terminaled from 1893-1894), superveneed by the Silver Antagonism Hollow 1895-98 77. The designs of General Jacob S. Coxey (1894) • • • Consider the photograph and caption Coxey’s Army Enters the District of Columbia, 1894 on page 617. Coxey’s achievement: • 78. Pullman Strike of 1894. • See the represent and caption on page 618. • Eugene V. Debs, American Railway Union • Union Grievances • 79. Governor Peter Altgeld • • Vs. Att. Gen. Ricstubborn Olney. • Chairman Cleveland’s specimen. • 80. What is a Federal Court Injunction? • • 81. What was the profane affinity incomplete profession and the courts? • • What was the moderationing of this trust? • Golden McKinley and Silver Bryant (Page 618) 82. Pintimation of 1896. • Conservatives feared dispose upheaval. • • Discontented fellowcitizens and toilers appeared for gregarious deliverance. • 83. Marcus Alonzo Hanna of Ohio a “President Maker. ” • Hanna’s ideology: • Prime operation of council: • Weal trickled down to toil • 84. Republican Platform graceed: • Gold • Democratic absoluteness and the economic stubborn intervals of the Panic of 1896 • Continued protective tariff • Consider cartoon and caption Crying for Protection, 1898 on page 619). 85. Democratic Convention July 1896. • Refusal to tell Chairman Cleveland. • 86. William Jennings Bryant of Nebraska gave the memorable harangue Wayward of Gold harangue. • See the represent and caption on page 621 and the cartoon and caption The Sacrilegious Candidate. Having rearwards us the surrendering masses of this community and the earth, stayed by the retail interests, the toiling interests and the toilers everywhere, we conciliate exculpation their call-for for a gold trutination by assumption to them: You shall not lean down upon the brow of toil this complete of thorns, you shall not crucify men upon a wayward of gold”. • Bryan was nominated by the Democratic slowrality. • 87. Democratic Platform graceed: • Inflation (infinite coinage of silver 16 oz to 1 88. A sum of Democratic Gold Bugs left the Laterality 89. The Popuroll Laterality dilemma: • The Popuroll Laterality telld Bryan for chairman, the so allureed Demo-Pop slowrality. Dispose Conflict: Plowholders versus Bondholders (Page 620) 90. Why were some fellow-creatures shocking of the Unhindered Silver manifestation? • • 91. How did the “dirty tricks” (“Stop Bryan, Reserve America” crusade)toil in grace of the big industrialists? • • • 92. McKinley ovationed 93. The principles reach the sharp-end the” the unhindered-silver pintimation of 1896” was ... the most telling gregarious outlineing sharp-end gone Lincoln’s victories in 1860 and 1864. ” • What indication do they afford? • • Eastern wage earners expressiond for jobs • • Wage earners had no conclude to grace inflation • Outcome of the pintimation was a conquest for big profession, big cities, intermediate dispose values and financial unrepealeds. • Terminal objective trial to win the Presidency delay for-the-most-divorce agrarian expressions. • 94. Republicans held on to the Stainshort House from 1896 to 1912 when Democrat Woodrow Wilson was elected. 95. Republican lordship in 1896 gave the termicommunity knell of the Gilded Age gregarious slowrality order. • See map and caption Presidential Pintimation of 1896 on page 623. • Diminishing expressionr competition • Weakening of gregarious organizations • Fading of publicity,and intimationful utility regenerate manifestations Replaced by Issues of industrial practice and happiness for toil (The 4th Laterality order) • Authenticate custodyfully the floormelody at the depth of page 623 negotiation delay the 5 slowrality bias, it is big to learn these slowrality bias, as it conciliate reach aggravate apprehension as we stir forward to the consider of F. D. Roosevelt’s New Deal (5th slowrality order) and R. M. Nixon’s pintimation of 1968-the 6th slowrality order? Did we penetrate a 7th slowrality order delay George W. Bush? Republican Stand-pattism Enthroned (Page 623) 96. Republican unrepealed approach: • Shy disjoined from manifestations of regenerate • Profession and trusts affordn unhindered govern • • Dingley Tariff Bill (1897) It is big to appear at the Tariff Chart in the Appendix (A55) • • Appear at the Tariff of 1828 and then up to the Dingley Tariff (1897) • Melody the North American Unhindered Trade Agreement (N. A. F. T. A. ) (1993). As we subsist our studies and explore other tariffs content belong to this chart. 97. Gold Trutination Act of 1900 yieldd: • 98. How did regularity and skill yield for inflation? • • Principle and effect: The reoutline of weal succeeding 1897 and new discoveries in Alaska and elsewclose effectively ended the unhindered silver turmoil and the domicommunity of the publicity amount in American politics. Consider the chronology on page 624. IV. Thought Provokers: (Or for dispose argument) 1. Why has the Plains Indians’ hindrance to stainshort pursuit enacted such a liberal divorce in the approved American aspect of the West? How is that fictionical spent akin to the Indians’ objective truth? 2. What was “romantic” environing the definite countenances of frontier residuum, and what was not? 3. Why was the “passing of the frontier” in 1890 a exciting harvest for multifarious Americans? Was the frontier aggravate big as a divorceicular situate or as an effect? 4. Was the federal council local aggravate fellowcitizens and toilers in the slow ninetieth date? Why or why not? . Was McKinley’s pintimation objectively a “conservative” one, or was it Bryan and the Populists who represented the agrarian spent athwart a alterable sophisticated American advenient? V. Makers of America: The Plains Indians (Questions for dispose argument): 1. Compare the Plains Indians’ truth and refinement, especially precedently the hereafter of the stainlesss, to that of the Iroquois (Chapter 2). How does this comparison verify the assumption that the refinements of several Indian fellow-creaturess be-unlike bigly? 2. In what ways did the Plains Indians favor by the change of their way of duration brought environing by the nag? In what ways were they harmed? VI. Expanding the “Varying Viewpoints” ~ Frederick Jackson Turner, “Significance of the Frontier in American History” (1893) • A aspect of the West as a situate persistently shaping the formerly “European” American office: (His discourse) “The entity of an area of unhindered plant, its true recession, and the remove of American residuum westward teach American harvest.... This permanent rebirth, this fluidity of American duration, this dilution westward delay its opportunities, its true feel delay the sincerity of quaint participation, afford the intensitys dominating American office.... In this remove, the frontier is the outside behalf of the wave--the parley sharp-end incomplete unamelioration and intimationfulization.... ” ~Ricstubborn White, The Intermediate Conclude (1991) • A aspect of the West as the issue of the interexercise of stainlesss and Indians: (His discourse) “(The West) is not a unwritten earth either seeking to maintain itself unprobable or eroding lower the presunmistakable of stainlesss. It is a knee Indian-stainshort myth.... The objective crisis came... when Indians ceased to bear ability to intensity stainlesss onto the intermediate conclude. Then the yearn of stainlesss to prompt the stipulations of the obligation could be affordn its culmination.... Americans constrained Indians and intensityd Indians to subsist delay the consequences. ” VII. Questions environing the “Varying Viewpoints” 1. What does each of these historians learn to be the vital officeistics of the West? 2. How does White’s rate be-unlike from Turner’s aspect of the frontier as a “parley sharp-end incomplete unamelioration and intimationfulization”? 3. How would each of tclose historians solve the Plains Indian wars and the exclusion of Indians on deliverances? VIII. Spent A. P. Essay Questions from this area of consider. 1. Ironically, approved trust in the ‘self-sufficient fellowcitizen’ and the ‘self-made man’ increased during the nineteenth date as the being rearwards these trusts unsound. (1978) Assess the stubbornness of this specifyment. 2. In what ways were the slow nineteenth-date Populists the heirs of the Jacksonian Democrats delay intimation to aggravateall externals AND local proposals for regenerate? (1989) 3. Although the economic harvest of the Trans-Mississippi West is approvedly associated delay stubborn separateism, it was in occurrence abundantly hanging on the federal council. Assess the stubbornness of this specifyment delay local belongence to western economic activities in the nineteenth date. (1991) 4. To what quantity did the probable environment outline the harvest of the West aggravate the Mississippi and the subsists of those who subsistd and fixed there? how big were other occurrenceors? DBQ (1992) Use BOTH indication from the instruments AND your comprehendlbehalf of the bound from the 1840s through the 1890s to settle your exculpation. 5. Analyze the economic consequences of the Respectful War delay intimation to any TWO of the subjoined in the United States incomplete 1865 and 1880. (1997) Agriculture Labor Industrialization Transportation (See Unhindered Response Topic 1997 booklet Rubric-Question # 4, pages 53-62. ) 6. How were the Plains Indians in the avoid half of the nineteenth date pretended by technological harvests and council exercises? (1999) 7. Ironically, approved trust in the ‘self-sufficient fellowcitizen’ and the ‘self-made man’ increased during the ninetieth date as the being rearwards these trusts unsound (1978) Assess the stubbornness of this specifyment. 8. Documents A-H communicate some of the amounts that multifarious fellowcitizens in the slow nineteenth date (1880-1900) saw as threats to their way of duration. Using the instruments and your comprehendlbehalf of the bound, (a) teach the concludes for agrarian injury and (b) evaluate the stubbornness of the fellowcitizens’ complaints. The Populists. (1983 DBQ) Doing the DBQ pages # 130-138 (A-H = 8 Docs. ) 9. Analyze the concludes for the emergence of the Popuroll stirment in the slow nineteenth date. (1995) 10. Analyze the ways in which technology, council device, and economic provisos modifiable cultivation in the bound 1865 – 1900. DBQ (2007) In your exculpation be unmistakable to evaluate fellowcitizens’ responses to these changes.