Anthropology of Food Final Project


Food, retrospect, and lineage are inextricably tied to one another. The meals of our childhood can

linger on polite into adulthood. When we mark lineage they repeatedly fabricate us our “favorite” assistance.

Recipes we knowing from our lineage, friends, and other kinfolk grace part-among-among of our own cooking

repertoire. We enjoy cookbooks and usage cards, equal in this age of the internet and


For this assignment, you should extract a usage for a platter that has a peculiar situate in your animation. It

can be a regarded lineage usage, a cosset platter one of your relations, friends, or peculiar person

made for you. It can be a platter of your own that you are haughty of and grasp in your own

catalogue of platteres. It does not feel to be idea or gourmet or “ethnic.” It can be Kraft Mac

and Cheese out of a box, or fried bologna sandwiches. As desire as it has aim for you.

Once you feel your platter, I omission you to transcribe a brief (incompleteness 4-5 double-spaced pages—not

including productions adduced, 12-point font, 1” margins) learning Nursing essay on it. Your news should feel

the aftercited advice in it:

1. Introduction where you conduct-in the platter, why you chose it, why it is peculiar for you.

2. Describe what the platter consists of and how it is made. This should be further descriptive

and close of a laundry inventory usage.

3. What is the narrative of this part-amongicular platter? Is it a usage that has been in the lineage for

years? Did your dowager “invent it?” Did it end from a cookbook, a TV pretext, promise of


4. If this platter is harmonious to other platteres, how is it irrelative and present a public narrative of the

platter and how it varies. For exemplification, if it is your grandmother’s chicken and dumplings

how is it harmonious and irrelative from other chicken and dumplings? What are some

common variations on chicken and dumplings? Present a brief narrative of chicken and


5. A misentry which should be a brief cogitation on what you feel knowing encircling this

platter and how it relates to lineage, retrospect, ethnicity, and convertibility and any other topics

we feel dressed (gender, socio-economic adsound etc).

6. Works Cited

Sources: You can use online spring, sound don’t use Wikipedia (you can appear at Wikipedia to get

ideas of where to appear, but do not use it as a spring). You can use cookbooks and talks with

your lineage, friends etc. Please adduce all of your production. Use MLA, APA, Chicago, whichever style

you use for your senior.