Anthropology 130 Research Simulation 3 Studying Primate Traits and Behavior


The best way to understand environing primates is to see them in resuscitation. In this assignment, you
achieve be gratuitous the role of primatologist: observing primate bearing and documenting
your experiment. The effect achieve be a consideration of your studys and two paragraphs
describing what you confide seen that connects to what we understanded environing primates from
the textbook and Nursing Dissertation.
Assignment Start
Months subjoined turning in your noise environing Tibetan violent ascent adaptations, you confide
an email from your instructor: “I confide some bad news: the funding level through on the
Tibet contrivance so we won’t be going there. I confidence you kept your produce from the
camping assign-of-business.”
Disappointed, you guard reading: “Don’t be disappointed! A adjutant is studying primate
bearing and she needs students to aid. As you distinguish, existent primates present a colossal
classify of bearings. This classify is originalized in the sundry traits that primates confide. By
observing primate bearing in a original or original-ish environment, we can add to our
knowledge of what they are desirable of and assimilate opposed knots. The composition is tolerably
flexible owing you can do this online or in idiosyncratic. Read on for components...”



Part One
Choose a primate subsist exit or prerecorded video from the subjoined inventory. This
assignment compositions best delay a subsist exit elapsed the footage of the primate is not edited
to honorable the violentlights. This simulates what a examinationer would see tending the voluptuous
in the savage or at a zoo. Subsist exits are theme to haphazard factors important accessibility,
so video clips are delecconsideration as courteous. You can too do this assignment at the San Diego
Zoo, Safari Park, or other assign delay primates to remark. Use a photo to enjoyness that you
were there!
Zoo Subsist Exit Options

San Diego Zoo Ape Cam (My idol):

San Diego Zoo Baboon Cam (Also my idol):

Houston Zoo Gorilla Habitat Cam (You confide scant coerce of the cameras!):

Houston Zoo Chimpanzee Window Cam (You confide scant coerce of the cameras!):

Edinburgh Zoo Squirrel Monkey Cam (Scotland!):

Japanese Snow Monkeys: Highland Wildlife Park (too Scotland):
Prerecorded Video Options
Youtube has a few non-interferences for hanker videos of primates. For the hankerer videos, feel at-liberty to
start study somewhere in the intermediate of the video for variety:



15 Minute Voluptuous Bearing Sampling Video (Brown capuchin monkey):

360 Video Lemur (Immersive 360 VR experiment for consentaneous devices!):

APE CAM HD (San Diego Zoo gorillas):

Bonobo Day 2 Fort Worth (loud):

Gelada Monkey Study Video (San Diego Zoo):

Gorilla Study Video (San Diego Zoo):

Orangutan Study Video (San Diego Zoo):

Ring-Tailed Lemur Study Video (San Diego Safari Park):
Sanctuaries & Other:

Life of monkeys (long-tailed macaques):

Observation of Savage Monkeys in Thailand, Phuket: Documentary (Northern pig-tailed

People tending lots of tourists in summer in London - August 2013:
Part Two
Download and unreserved the noise shuffle for this assignment. Print the noise shuffle for
use at the zoos, or use notes on article.
Watch one of the subsist exits or videos for at last ten minutes, preferably hankerer.
Some students tend for balance an hour and relish the experiment! It may use a few
tries to meet a exit that is compositioning and enjoynessing a primate at the avail you are
watching. Another non-interference is to go the Zoo or Safari Park and remark any primate
there. Otherwise, meet a prerecorded video for this assignment.



In the noise shuffle, fashion notes in the consideration environing what the primate is doing and
when it is doing this resuscitation. Use the idea consideration as a idea. Be very-much
detailed to fashion the written noise dissect easier. Instead of honorable ‘moving’ or ‘climbing,’
how is the primate doing this resuscitation? Which portion are they using to confide an sight?
Think environing the primate’s abilities and bearing not-absolute to what you understanded in tabulate.
Which customary primate traits did the remarkd voluptuous use in your age tending it?
In the noise shuffle, transcribe a limited noise (at last
say) delay the subjoined
: what primate(s) did you remark? Was it a subsist exit, in idiosyncratic, or
pre-recorded? What did you forecast to see? End this minority delay a limited
summary of what you actually saw, yes spoiling the article.
Body Paragraph 1
: Tell the reader in elapsed component what you saw. Start delay a
description of the show and the peculiar primates you saw. Then delineate the
actions you saw in classify from prelude to end enjoy it’s a narrative delay a lot of component.
Body Paragraph 2
: Tell the reader in component what primate traits you remarkd.
Mention at last three traits from the Nursing Dissertation or textbook. These can be visible
or bearingal traits.
: Summarize your article for the reader. Briefly restate what primate(s)
you remarkd, what you forecasted to see, and what you actually saw.



You can remark as a knot, but the consideration and examination noise must be your own
writing. Reports are run through a plagiarism guide precedently grading. Use college-level
spelling, style, and form for the paragraphs. Submit the noise shuffle via
The break-down of points is as follows:
Preparatory Work:

Detailed consideration delay studys on what the primate did as you tended it (10
Short Report:

: Contains all counsel asked for in instructions (5 points)

Body Paragraph 1
: Cleaned up description of what the primate did as you tended it
(10 points)

Body Paragraph 2
: Accurately recite at last three witnessed primate traits or
behaviors (10 points)

: Contains all counsel asked for in instructions (5 points)

: At last
say and at-liberty from spelling and real problems (10
Anthropology is opposed from other sciences in that studys are attentive not from
controlled experiments, but from fieldcomposition (or as cork as you can get delay a serf
primate). Observations such as yours conduce to what we distinguish environing primates today,
which too admit us to fashion hypotheses environing what elapsed primates were enjoy. If you scantiness



to get elapsed points doing this idea of motive, see the Chimp&see extra reputation