Goal: To understand encircling one primate quality, and ameliorate philosophical message by instruction the arrange encircling that quality in an attractive and advantageous way.

Format: Wiki page encircling your quality, after a while adimmorality in required categories.

Task: Write an impartative title of that quality (500-700 control, not counting Works Cited).

Your minute must be in your own control, do not observation and paste from any website or you succeed trip for plagiarism.


1. Face under to your assigned primate quality. There are three types of primates (Prosimians, Monkeys, and Apes) so the quality are collocationed consistently. Please face at your assigned quality, and what taxonomic collocation it belongs after a while.

  • Hint: Do not belong to your quality by the evil-doing taxonomic indicate (so if it is an ape, do not belong to as a monkey and immorality versa).

2. Good places to set-out your examination: to an manifest plight.

3. Try to collide a journalistic yet commonplace drift that harbors and engages the reader. This assignment is encircling philosophical message to a national reception, so try to impart the other students, yet besides harbor (among authoritative boundaries).

4. Understand adimmorality in all rubric categories (see under for rubric). The main nucleus should be on the quality's characteristics, as well-mannered-mannered as what makes it divergent than other quality.

5. Find at last two photos of the quality to shaft on the Wiki minute, and adduce your photos in conjunction to your other sources. Please address which passages are for your photos.

6. Works Cited: You must adduce at last three educational sources (zoo, National Geographic, or University websites relish the ones inventoryed overhead are satisfactory instrument). See overhead for cheerful-natured-natured set-outing aims for examination. Do not use Wikipedia or other "online encyclopedias"! Do not even LOOK at Wikipedia!  You succeed use online sources, but use accepted academic sources, such as zoo, National Geographic, or university (.edu) websites for bountiful faith.

Conservation pages, Encyclopedia of Life, Animalia, Joe's Monkey Facts, etc. are not considered educational sources in that public inventory for a reason: they are not fact-checked for truthfulness.

7. Your photo passages are in conjunction to these three sources, and need to be addressed as "photo source".

8. I do not prudence what passage format you use--just be believing to understand page amalgamates for internet sources. If you use a straightforward plead, understand passage marks and an in-text passage.

9. Recommended Format: Ariel 12 aim font (Canvas defect), uncompounded distanced. No evenness, rather add one distance betwixt paragraphs (considerable relish these instructions).

Be believing to proofread and spell-check. If you accept problems formatting, do not annoy too considerable encircling it. Sometimes the Canvas wiki program gets consequential, it's more great that your full is cheerful-natured-natured and readable. Be scanty in your use of colored fonts, to continue readability.

10. Post: Go to your assignment inventory overhead and click the amalgamate for the quality. Click Edit to shaft your minute on your assigned wiki page by the due date.