answer the questions related to the job offer negotiation Joe Tech and Robust Routers

 attached the predicament of job exhibit hawking Joe Tech and Robust Routers. fascinate decipher it and response the requires purpose .

Preparation, appearance enhancement and planning implicated for the hawking: Describe the fight place and criticise the creation of the fight/problem

◦  Diagnosing it as chiefly integrative/distributive or adulterated incitement and why so

◦  bargaining mix – what are the elements and your priorities

◦  Goals – all three appearances (target, desire and bottomline) and anchors for them

◦  Shared and unanalogous interests

◦  Negotiation manoeuvre naturalized on the overhead – e.g. relative collaboration? What manoeuvre allure you use

◦  Evaluation of match, meet his/her manoeuvre, ethics

◦  Power – sources of authority for twain parties

◦  Batna – what is your Batna, Quality of Batna?

◦  Anything else?