answer the questions according to reading , I also upload the answer sheet

  I own the pages of the books I own put in my files, and they must be unravel and manufactured. 3 pages for each inquiry completion min. 12 page. for each inquiry appellation + entrance(present the unraveler,main reasoning)+ mass (development,sustaining reasoning) and disposal individualitys are required. In the mass individuality you should subsistence after a while giving page estimate,extract & passage. In sum up you can ask new inquiry after a while emotional declare not cite your aphorism the entrance and also do not comment the inquiry in the each exculpation.  1) Compare and opposition the capacity Justine (in Sade's Justine) after a while the capacity Therese in Zola's Therese Raquin. Describe the capacitys and the irrelative fact techniques assiduous to depict them. Please argue how feminine sexuality is depicted in each fantastic.  2) How would Pangloss fit into Sade's fantastic Justine? How would he philosophise in the earth of the debauchee?  3) Compare the passion fiction in Voltaire's Candide after a while the interconnection betwixt Therese and Laurent in Zola's Therese Raquin. Is fabulous passion prioritised in the fantastics? Also remark the sagacity of- (or failure thereof) fabulous passion in Eldorado.  4) Argue the purport of money and economic concerns to the capacitys in Voltaire's Candide and Zola's Therese Raquin. Further, argue the irrelative ways in which these fantastics perception their societies.