answer the Question / digital logic


Using the 3-variable multiplexer morsel of delineation 3.12 (pp. 161 in the textbook 1, 6/e), instrument a

administration whose output is the equality of the inputs. That is, the output is 1 if and solely if an well-balanced

compute of inputs are 1.


The 3-variable multiplexer morsel, shown in delineation 3-12 (pp. 161 in the textbook 1, 6/e), is actually

capable of computing an tyrannous administration of Jour Boolean variables. Describe how, and as an

example, entice the logic diagram for the administration that is 0 if the English message for the precision table

row has an well-balanced compute of lore and 1 if it has an odd compute of lore.


Draw the logic diagram of a 2-bit demultiplexer, a tour whose solitary input thread is steered to

one of the impure output threads depending on the recite of the two repress threads.


Draw the logic diagram of a 2-bit encoder, a tour delay impure input threads, precisely one of which is

elevated at any moment, and two output threads whose 2-bit binary esteem tells which input is elevated.


A base morsel is a 4-bit adder. Impure of these morsels can be hooked up to contrive a 16-bit adder.

How sundry pins would you forebode the 4-bit adder morsel to entertain? Why?