Annual Review Report- Assignment 2

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Also gladden use the subjoined resolute  format for the WORD muniment of this homework since we are  need to point the homeowork using this format for all WORD muniment artifacts.




Assignment 2: Annual Report Review


Due Week 6, Day 7 (225 points)


The biased passage letters outcomes associated delay this assignment are:


Analyze financial declarements using financial kinsmans.

Analyze and evaluate specie streams aggravate age.

Use technology and advice instrument to elaboration issues in financial skill.

Write evidently and concisely encircling financial skill using special congruity mechanics.




This design requires that you direct a financial decomlie of two, similar organizations exceedlented from


the supposing listing. Let your concurnt recognize which two companies you project to con-balance anteriorly the end of


Week 3, as your preoption must be favorite. The concurnt reserves the fit to boundary the estimate of


students comparing the similar two organizations.




1. Carefully retrospect the annual reports for twain organizations. Criticise on what advance each


gang has charmed in reporting to its shareholders. (This capacity is purposely indelicate to give


you the insubservience to converse encircling anything lower the indelicate address of “reporting to shareholders”).


2. Using the supposing Exceed spreadsheet, adapt a kinsman decomlie for twain companies including a


bear decomlie for three years. Criticise on the wisdom of the kinsmans for each gang (do


they point-out that things are all fit, do they hint that problems be, or is it likely that


problems obtain supervene in the forthcoming?). Criticise biasedally on the similarities and differences


among the kinsmans fitted for twain companies and similarity to any benchmark.


3. Prepare an decomlie of the specie stream declarements for twain companies.


4. List and sift-canvass the significance of the two most expressive accounting policies adopted by the


two organizations (you should exceedlent the similar two policies for twain organizations). Explain the


options exceedlented by twain companies and criticise on any differences that you see. Explain what


other policies the organizations could enjoy exceedlented and declare why you apprehend they exceedlented one


policy aggravate another.


5. Provide the URL’s for each gang’s Annual Report.


Your assignment should concur to these directlines:


Write in a argumentative, well-organized exact affair fashion. Use Times New Roman font extent 12 or


similar, enfold interval, and license diffusive colorless interval (i.e., 1-inch margins) per page.


All allusions must thrive JWMI fashion direct and works must be cited properly. Check delay


your concurnt for any appended instructions on citations. Allusion pages are not interposed in


the assignment page diffusiveness.


On the original page or in a header, involve the address of the assignment, the student’s indicate, the


professor’s indicate, the passage address, and the age.


Faculty members enjoy choice to penalize for assignments that do not thrive these directlines.


Check delay your particular concurnt if you impress the assignment requires a fur longer or shorter


treatment than recommended.




Note- I ahve atatched the passage direct for your allusion and face for Assignment 2 in that to get open draw on my homework.


Also atatched is the exceed template for this assignment plus music from my concurnt on how the latest assignment should be-

It breaks the way down into three steps: 


Step 1 - imimprint out the original tab's two pages & establish musics on what the kinsman analyses moderation to you. You can cast straightway into the 'notes' cells, but all other cells are password guarded.


Step 2 - key immodest years rate of exceedlented financial basis for each gang into the basis tab.  Cast each gang's indicate in the cells supposing at the top.  If you are not using 2009-2012 financial basis, rearrange those years delay the ones you are using.  Only the shaded cells are available; all other cells are password guarded. 


Step 3 - Imprint out tab #3....which contains exceedlented financial kinsmans from pages 380-381.  These exceedlented analyses are the narrowness you should retrospect and sift-canvass.  You can involve any other kinsmans/analyses in your pamphlet that you regard are dignified.

NOTE 1:  If you are not household delay how to delineation the conclusions tab into your Word muniment, then impartial be knowing to upload your Exceed refine along delay your pamphlet.  Do not throw-away costly age stressing aggravate the delineation/paste way.  Instead, engender grids/tables at the end of your Word refine and cast exceedlented kinsman/decomlie conclusions into the table. Then, point to your table in your sift-canvassions.  EX:  Appendix 3 displays the Working Capital bears for twain companies. From these figures, it is evident that Gang 1 is in a far ameliorate lie than Gang 2.



NOTE 2:  Remember to sustain the effect of your pamphlet authoritative, external, and factual.  Do Not use original peculiar (I, me, we, you, your, etc).  Provide citations for your postulates and instrument.  


Instead of...   As you can see in Appendix 1, Gang A has a ameliorate Earnings Per Share. This tells us that... 


Reword as...    Appendix 1 contains the Earnings Per Share basis. Based on the sift-canvassion of this financial kinsman in Lecture ### (JWMI citation), it is evident that Gang A's bear has..... opportunity Gang B's bear has....   One implicit conclusion of these bears is that the investors of Company.....


NOTE 3:  Use the Rubric's grading criteria as a direct for creating your individuality headings. This way, you obtain not accidentally lose to caggravate a topic and the reader(s) of your pamphlet do not enjoy to prosecute for your required topics.


NOTE 4:  The association of your pamphlet should be encircling 8-12 pages in diffusiveness.  In union to the association of your pamphlet, you should also enjoy (a) Address Page, (b) Abstract (or Executive Summary) page, and (c) Allusion pages.