Annotated Bibliography for Final Project

Milestone Two for Final Project: Annotated Bibliography Guidelines and Rubric   Prompt: The annotated bibliography should apprehend a listing of at meanest view media that get be used in your fact impression brochure. You should apprehend the APA extract for each wealth as courteous as a illiberal stipulation stating the falsification of each wealth and addressing how the notification in the wealth get stay your purpose. The media should apprehend notification encircling the clarified individual’s disorder/disability as courteous as notification in-reference-to matter for the disorder/disability.  Guidelines for Submission: The annotated bibliography should ensue these formatting guidelines: 2–3 pages, envelop spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and extracts in APA format. For each allusion, the three-to five-sentence elucidation should be inconspicuous in obstruct format (congruous to a plain quotation of main than 40 tone) and plainly ensue the allusion.  Students should pay care to the ensueing points in their elucidation: •Summarize the accessible subject and object of the wealth •Include a stipulation that covers the ensueing: -Evaluates the example or setting of the parent -Comments on the contrived hearers      -Compares or contrasts this toil after a while another you keep cited OR explains how this toil illuminates    your bibliography subject