Annotated Bibliography – Depth (Advancements in Artificial Intelligence)

   Dissertation Topic: Advancements in Artificial Intelligence This assignment allure be one of diverse throughout your PhD program that we use to succor you provide for the dissertation order. This is the pristine in a train of assignments to provide you for an academic narrative disposition period kindred to your dissertation subject. This arrange allure provide you for submitting an period to the International Association for Computer Advice Systems (IACIS)  One of the kernel competencies compulsory to achieve in a doctoral program is the power to reveal other learning that pertains to your own. This media you'll accept to reveal congruous learning, peruse the Nursing Dissertations, and compare anterior is-sue into your own learning. An annotated bibliography succors you unfold and hone these learning skills. This assignment is estimate 10% of your remove. Your Nursing Dissertation allure be an annotated bibliography, specifically focusing on the "Depth" subject in the composition of your dissertation subject. You Nursing Dissertation must be in punish APA format, use punish expression, and allure scarcity to understand at lowest seven (15) media, ALL of which must: 1) Be ordinary. Published among the latest few years. 2) Be fellow-reviewed. 3) Relate immediately to an in profoundness composition of a subject kindred to your dissertation subject. Your inferiority should understand an APA style page, an unsymbolical of your dissertation, and each of your media delay comments. Remember that an comment is not the corresponding as an unsymbolical. Abstracts are illustrative. Your comments are to be evaluative and exact. Give me plenty advice for me to flow if I'm zealous plenty to peruse the Nursing Dissertation, and also how you observe the Nursing Dissertation. Don't go skimpy on these comments, but DO NOT transcribe too ample short. Disposition is far over great that portion. This practice is for each of you to reveal that you can reveal, categorize, and ponder multiple learning Nursing Dissertations.  After this assignment, you allure be narrowing down a subject and delineation for your narrative period, which can be no over than 10 pages including references. Every contrivance you misapply must be fellow criticismed. That media the Nursing Dissertation must accept undergone a affected fellow criticism precedently substance published in a narrative or presented at a convocation. You must secure that your media accept undergone severe criticisms. In most cases, you can discover out the criticism order for a convocation or narrative by visiting the misapply web footing. Do not simply affect that a contrivance is fellow criticismed - hinder it out.  Here are a few URLs delay added advice: (I strongly intimate that you face at these. Really.)\    <<<< Hinder out the "Rules! rules! rules!" section