Angel Investor – a Real Angel to Budding Entrepreneur

It is inprobable that not too frequent enjoy heard of Cherub endowing in India. For set-on-footers, the monies complicated are nowlacking neighboring as wide as in VC or PE endows. Nor are the companies themselves wide. And most cherubs are segregateicular entrepreneurs themselves who enjoy made it amiable-tempered. Particular retired endowors who endow in entrepreneurial companies are regularly and affectionately unreserved as "cherub endowors".Generally, entrepreneurs enjoy a repletion of honorable when they insufficiency to instruct consummate, including - Singular savings, Friends and origin, mortgages, Government grants, Asset proveed loans, positivetyoring, banks, Institutional endowors (compact through endowment banks), leasing, VCs, IPOs, but lacking is a new way out to the entrepreneurs to get financed, that is Cherub Investment. Projects that are refused by VCs as nature too slender for their portfolio would be meliorate off getting Cherub endowmenting and aiming the lawful dimension to mode VC, as these days VCs are skilful to finance vocation when it aimes the article of at meanest „prototype? aking. This elaboration brochure throws vain on a very new interest in India, designated Cherub endowing which is generally abashed delay VC endowmenting, Angels are segregateiculars or bunchs who not barely endow but as-well-mannered adviser entrepreneurs. This brochure as-well-mannered covers the provision by the entrepreneur to get the endowmenting, gives conceptions environing provisions on which to effect and as-well-mannered media to engage the cherubs. But entrepreneurs enjoy to still n ess that, barely 1% to 2% of all vocation schemes make-knowned to either cherubs or VCs transfer endowmenting.Entrepreneurs scarcity to decipher the indispensable books and say to segregateiculars delay financing expertise so when the convenience arises, they are abundantly cheerful to make-known their concept to endowors. Incompletion vocation schemes are lugubrious in today? s competitive environment. But it should as-well-mannered be still n essd that cherubs frequently reckon commencement. 1 What is Cherub Investing? "I apprehend you can do vocation delayout a VC but you cannot delayout an Angel," alleged Amit Agarwala, schemeter and CEO of Amdale Software Technologies, who instructd Cherub endowments in 2003 in India. What are Angels and why are they so applicable?Angels, at meanest in the unmonastic consciousness, are segregateiculars who endow era and coin in very immature companies. In positivety, they repeatedly endow in an entrepreneur at a purpose when the vocation exists barely as a amiable-tempered-tempered conception. Angels are segregateiculars who endow their own coin into set-on-foot up companies. Usually cherubs as-well-mannered adviser the entrepreneurs in whose companies they are endowed. They use their own currency to endow in hence article companies, and they promote to transfer an equity position in the gang either straightway through the issuance of distributes or instraightway through other instruments that are identical into distributes.Angel endowors are so denominated owing in the hence 1900s rich segregateiculars granted consummate to acceleration hurl new dramatic monstrous. As patrons of the arts, these endowors were reflected by theater authoritatives as “Angels. ” During the judicious conversations delay an cherub bunch and during the make-knownation to the cherubs, it confuses the entrepreneur to apprehendlparty out which of the limbs are the authentic judgment constituters. This is perplexing to learn but can be very costly counsel owing cherubs are rational and they feel security in gum.The entrepreneur should stopsubject-matter on the further skilled cherubs and the managing directors of the cherub bunch. If bunchs of endowors are assiduous, it is far meliorate for them to endow as an LLC (scant amenability Company) than as segregateiculars. VCs are exhaust of sundry-sided consummateization constituencys and an entrepreneur risks losing arrival to wider completions of consummate. In conjunction, reflectable gang judgment making can befit brawny if wide gum of endowor/owners scarcity to be consulting. Sentence an cherub endowor is love apprehendledgeing a associate Singular chemistry is exact owing it is a hanker engagement harmony.This chemistry may transfer era to build so endow condition era in getting to apprehend the cherub. If you are effecting delay a bunch of cherubs, it is the guide cherub that obtain be on your table or that obtain direct the endowment on side of others that should be your stoppoint. It is far meliorate in the hanker run for an entrepreneur to diverge down an cherub endowment owing of stagnation of chemistry and halt for a meliorate equal. How do cherubs prize set-on-foot ups? As they say, loveliness is in the eye of the witness," Pralow Gupta, Co-planter of Indian Cherub Network, describes the prize of a set-on-footup.Valuing a non-existent gang is perplexing, if not impracticable. However, tlacking are some modees for determining tenure percentage that appear niggardly despite Angels; milestones that Angels esteem as costly; and positive reflectations transfern into recital when negotiating. Combined, these yield a set-on-footing purpose for the new entrepreneur to learn how abundantly of her gang she may enjoy to retail to instruct Cherub endowments. Angels usually face at these aspects: ? How abundantly prize has been constituted to era? How wide can the gang enlarge, and how abundantly conjunctional consummate obtain it transfer to get there? ? Most applicablely the entrepreneur and his team 2 Post-siege Involvement: Angels usually yield direction on vocation temporization and models; link entrepreneurs to experts and practicable customers; and acceleration instruct other endowments as required. Angels enjoy a multiplicity of segregateicular and authoritative tailgrounds Angels can add fearful prize to set-on-footups. On the other artisan, cherubs are rationals and are question to their singular idiosyncrasies.One or further of these characterizations may use to an cherub: Guardian cherub- This stamp of endowor has applicable activity expertise and obtain be erraticly complicated in accelerationing the set-on-footup close consummation Operational cherub- This cherub has forcible apprehendlparty as a reflectable adherent in reflectable corporations. For an entrepreneur, this stamp of endowor can add abundantly prize owing he or she apprehends what the gang scarcitys to do in enjoin to layer up operations. Entrepreneur cherub-An endowor that has “been there, manufactured that” is very costly to a ward entrepreneur. For specimen, an entrepreneur can add perspective to the schemeters on what to forebode from endowors and how to effectively effect financing provisions. Hands-off cherub-A rich teacher, counsellor or dishonorable authoritative must stopsubject-matter on his or her day-to-day walk. This stamp of endowor is obtaining to endow but usually does not enjoy the era or segregateicular expertise to be of abundantly acceleration to the set-on-footup. Control freak- Some endowors either estimate they enjoy all the answers owing they enjoy closed positive affluence or they enjoy the singularity to enlighten themselves they apprehend “everything. Caveat emptor. Why cherub endowor? Generally entrepreneurs enjoy a repletion of honorable when they insufficiency to instruct consummate, including Singular savings, Friends and origin, mortgages, Government grants, Asset proveed loans, positivetyoring, banks, Institutional endowors (compact through endowment banks), leasing, VCs, IPOs, but as a higher honorable discurrentst all, specificly for a crystallization entrepreneur, cherubs in India are unobstructed the guidance role. Triple Digit Crores PE Funds Double Digit Crores VC endowments Few Crores Cherub Investors Few Lakhs Friends & FamilySome studies insinuate that cherubs spdecipher out their endowments into frequent avenues and companies when compared to that of VCs and their toil of endowments as-well-mannered sums up to 10 to 20 eras further than death. Angels satisfy a exact consummate gap, between “friends and origin” and VCs. When a set-on-footup requires further than 25 Lakhs but hither than environing 5 crore, cherubs are a viable origin of consummate. This flatten of endowmenting is underneath the radar ward of most throw consummateists, although some VCs obtain sometimes endowment a spring circular of as unconsiderable 5 crore. Lacking is a relatively con-aggravate of Angels and VCs Funding completions Motivation to endow Angels Rs. 25 lakh to 5 Crore Not sound rediverge driven, hearty tender truthor (“bragging lawfuls”, psychological benefits of coaching, drive from nature complicated in immovable strided set-on-footups) Promote anonymity, aimable via assignrals or through cherub bunchs VCs Rs. 5 Crore and aloft Mostly repay-driven delay adjustments for harmonys delay other VCs and symbol discurrent entrepreneurs Accessibility Geographical stopsubject-matter Key reasons to endowRegional Singular chemistry delay entrepreneur, minute negotiate segregateition, sustainable competitive customs Hither than VC immovables owing enjoy the epicurism of nature exceptive Relatively immovable (one day to three weeks), provisions are slightly negotiable (further than delay VCs) Niggardly or promotered store, sometimes identical debit (debit identical to equity distributes) 10% - 50% Relatively immovable and vain Lump sum or milestone Operational apprehendledge, niggardly consciousness education, segregateicular activity expertise Calculate of endowments Engagement prevarication issuance Siege vehicleHighly plain, usually obtain barely face at vocation schemes assignred by their nettoil of continuitys (attorneys, etc. ) Regional, national or interpolitical, depending on the immovable Nhence exposed consequence, notorious truth, hearty and skilled team, sustainable competitive customs Further than cherubs owing scarcity to constitute a narrowness calculate of endowments in a absorbed year Can be immovable, but usually is at a abstinent stride (distinct weeks), provisions are fairly test and not very negotiable Preferred store (identical to niggardly) Equity percentage Due attention Funding regularity Hanker engagement prize adventitious Reaction to bad intelligenceTarget debouchure era Target IRR repays 20% or further Relatively slack and regular Lump sum or milestone Knowlparty in managing enlargeth, low pockets, networks of conjunctional origins of consummate, rolodex, apprehendlparty in managing IPOs and sale debouchures Roll up the sleeves and acceleration Intense despatch and clear-up the model, notorious up coaching; notorious up rolodex; acceleration rolodex constituency articulation throws, new financing circulars or mergers; courage directment 5 to 7 years 3 to 5 years 15% to 25% 20% to 40% 4 How to engage an Angel? Angels are segregateiculars endowing on their own side - they are not acting as segregate of endowment companies, and they don't announce. It's fairly honorable, for model, to go to a engageing, and enjoy someone stop up and vociferate, "Over lacking! I'm an Angel! " Not barely that, but Cherub endowing is a new interest in India, so tlacking solely aren't as frequent Angels acircular as in Silicon Valley, for specimen. This poses a dare for new entrepreneurs: how does one apprehendlparty and engage a practicable Cherub endowor? Is it victory? It may appear love a joyous additament, when one hears the stories. Sridar Iyengar, an erratic Cherub in twain the US and India, sat moment to Vani Kola at a dinner, sound when she was set-on-footing „RightWorks? proveed on that befoulment of engageing, he became one of her Cherub endowor. Tripat Preet Singh, a immature Cherub of five companies, and now at NEA Indo-US Partners, happened to engage one of his entrepreneurs in a friend's function. 3 ways to apprehendlparty an Cherub ? Ask completionone you apprehend ? Elaboration - and then frigid allure. It does toil. ? Constitute use of actual forums What's the best provision to tempt Angels? Once you enjoy signed your Angel, how should you gain-ready to enjoy the best befoulment of animated him or her? Still an conception is ok Angels, by specification, endow at the primary article. They do not forebode floating vocationes, unmeasured vocation schemes, or equable set vocation models. In positivety, for an entrepreneur, toiling delay an Cherub to outline the vocation can be segregate of the endowment regularity. Sridar Iyengar, an erratic Cherub endowor in twain Silicon Valley and India distributed his perspective, "If I enjoy been segregate of that regularity, then in-effect I enjoy some peel in the recreation. I insufficiency it to surpass. And it's easier to put the coin in. " According to Angels, some basic questions that entrepreneurs scarcity to enjoy deliberation through embody: ?What is the model, the 'pain purpose' you are harangueing? ? Who and wlacking are the target customers and how do you aim them? ? At what compensation purpose would someone be obtaining to use this consequence or employment? ? Why do you apprehend your team obtain surpass - segregateicularly if tlacking is no earlier entrepreneurial or activity apprehendledge? ? Who is the emulation, and why do you enjoy an custom? Palpable validation If you insufficiency to enlighten an Angel, it accelerations to enjoy enlightend other mob ahanker the way. Obtaining palpable validation - fabric estimaters - is a key to proving the conception has excellence. The principal fiction is to try to get triton who has creditability in that area, to estimate in the conception," says an cherub endowor The extreme validation, of direction, comes from having a customer - someone in-effect obtaining to pay for your consequence or employment. At such an hence article, ultimately, that may not be practicable. In which fact, tlacking is prize in having a customer befit a estimater in your efforts. Evaluation of vocation schemes uses distinct parameters Too frequent entrepreneurs article their opportunities by answerableness spirithither vocation schemes.Great conceptions are niggardly; abundantly honorabler are vocationes delay the mob and consequences to penetrate a negotiate and 5 transfer distribute or manage. Barely 1 % to 2% of all vocation schemes make-knowned to cherubs or VCs transfer endowmenting. Investors assign to the valuation of a gang earlier to receiving a circular of endowment as “premoney. ” Once endowmenting occurs, at that moment, the prize of the gang rises by the completion of endowmenting and the “post-money” prize is secure If a set-on-footup has no revenues, then valuation is question to abundantly transaction and relies further on niggardly practices of cherub and throw consummate endowors.A “hot” gang delay questionables or competitive customs and practicable for hundreds of favorites of dollars in sales obtain positively bid a wider prize than one delay tens of favorites in practicable sales, but distressing rules are perplexing to prove in the endowing activity Exits Angels scarcity to demonstrate a flatten of endurance delay their endowments and learn that they obtain not lovely understand-again a rediverge for a calculate of years. Cherub endowments are usually illiquid until some constitute of an debouchure temporization is populated.The schemeters should embody their debouchure temporization in the gang? s vocation scheme, and it should be agreed upon between the entrepreneurs and the endowors. Although negotiate conditions may producer the debouchure temporization to alter, endowors insufficiency to apprehend the scheme as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as the era fashion for harvesting their endowment. The subjoined roll details some of the most niggardly harvesting modes: ? Strategic Sale: The gang is sold, repeatedly to another activity player. ? Judicious Public Offering: While this mode can be advantageous, it can be a very perplexing debouchure mode to consummate. Tlacking are bulky rules and requirements complicated delay an IPO, and it is very era-consuming. ? Partial Sale: The endowor retails his stransfer in the gang tail to directment or to another obtaining buyer. ? Bankruptcy: If the gang is not consummationful, it can allege abounding a whiledrawal, either restructuring its operations or going out of vocation wholly. Cherub endowment gets a leg up in India Indian Angels Nettoil A constituteal conjunction of segregateiculars who obtain ward effects concertedly, and may co-endow in a gang.Not all Angels in a nettoil obtain endow in a effect - it's an segregateicular judgment. Indian Cherub Nettoil and Mumbai Angels, two bunchs of hence article endowors, are on a band-arms to fetch cherub endowment refinement - the regularity of nurturing new companies to the moment flatten, wlacking they could abundantly tempt throw consummate endowments - in India. The two bunchs proveed in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively, prospect to constitute cherub endowmenting further erratic lacking in hence years, riding on their consummationful endowments in the elapsed, albeit in their segregateicular volume. For model, Infinity Ventures, an hence article throw consummate endowment promoted by endowors such as Saurabh Srivastava (who is now delay Indian Cherub Network), had endowed in some of today's consummationful companies such as Avendus Advisors, an endowment bank assistance retired equity syndication, M&A, unwandering allowance, constituencyd finance, specific situations and strategic advisory employments to municipal houses and endowors. Indiabulls, a guideing financial employments and authentic domain fruit gang and India Games, one of the reflectable gaming companies in India.So far, IAN has endowed in sequable companies which embodys San Shadow Consultants, a immovable that accelerations companies constitute metaphysical media lawfuls or a questionable portfolio, Knowcross, an IT consulting immovable and Authorgen, a immovable that yields e-learning software consequences and employments. It has as-well-mannered made one debouchure ahanker delay Mumbai Angels in Madhouse, a DVD rental gang, which was posterior adventitious by Seventymm. 6 IAN's nettoil has enlargen to 60 limbs and now embodys institutions such asGoogle, IBM, Punjab Throw Capital, Sidbi Throw Capital, Naukri. com and Greylock Partners. Mumbai Angels as-well-mannered schemes to unfold its 25 limb team to 100 limbs in the moment 2 years. IAN has operations in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai seeing Mumbai Angels are sound operational in Mumbai itself. Indian Innovators conjunction The ieffect cherub is someone who is a era afront in creating prize in the activity. They'll yield financial consummate as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as metaphysical consummate, which could be equable further applicable than the coin.The paint in India is incongruous - Angels are distressing to apprehendledge. To fetch Cherub Investors and Innovators concertedly, Indian Innovators Conjunction made arrangements delay separated Angels to study the Vocation Plans of Indian Innovators. Innovators faceing for cherub endowment may continuity the conjunction delay an adherent epitome of their vocation scheme. Minute schemes can be submitted to the assiduous Cherub abounding the prelusory probation. Band of Angels in Delhi Band Of Angels notorioused hoard in Delhi.Started in April 2006, the Band of Angels is a uncommon concept which fetchs concertedly greatly consummationful entrepreneurs and CEOs from India and acircular the cosmos-people who are assiduous in endowing in set-on-foot up / hence article throws which enjoy the practicable of creating excessive prize. The Band faces at a indelicate spectrum for endowments : ? IT consequences & employments - High end BPO / KPO ? Retail - Biotech & Pharma ? Internet - Media & Entertainment ?Leading party technology in telecom & embedded domains The Band faces at endowing typically up to USD 100,000 to USD 1 favorite and debouchureing aggravate a 3 to 5 year age through an IPO, M&A or strategic sale. The Band may reflect endowments aggravate a favorite dollars but is lovely to do so through syndication. web page : http://www. boaindia. com/ A few other cherub endowors in India ? ? ? ? Chennai Bombardment www. chennai. tie. org Indian Angels Nettoil New Delhi 110 065 [email protected] com Mumbai Angels Vimmla, www. mumbaiangels. com TiE Entrepreneurship http://www. bangalore. tie. rg origin: www. nenonline. org Conclusion You Too Can Knowlparty an Cherub - Build Your Pipeline The best way to origin an endowor cherub is through assignrals. You scarcity to be make-knownd by a probable origin. Netinaugurated is a romance which toils and is specificly applicable when you inquire an cherub endowor. Netinaugurated is distressing toil; it requires era, breath and supervene up. Do not forebode netinaugurated to pay dividends straightway. It is a hanker draw so be cheerful. It is not unconcerned to apprehendlparty cherubs. Most of them prize their secrecy and do not insufficiency to be modeed by completion individual who is faceing for endowments.Knowing the lawful individual is the key to getting an gate to an cherub endowor. 7 You should try to engage as frequent vocation owners as practicable. Frequent of these vocation owners may be or may insufficiency to be cherub endowors. Alternatively, these vocation owners may be obtaining to assign you to endowors who they apprehend. Another way to get an gate is to link delay your recitalant, attorney, banker, customers, employees, teacher, dentist, consultants, or your confessor at a topical university, specificly one that specificizes in entrepreneurship.In enjoin to apprehendlparty coin you may scarcity to be aggressive; for specimen, reflect allureing the CEO of a gang that is dishonorable to yours, but not a adversary, and see if you can get the CEO to make-known you to a practicable cherub or someone who effectiveness apprehend cherubs. If you engage any throw consummateists, conceal in handle delay them equable if they are weak to endow in the gang. Some of them enjoy continuitys delay cherubs. By the similar index, you should civilize continuitys delay endowment bankers and other intermediaries as they as-well-mannered repeatedly enjoy continuitys delay cherubs. Tlacking is Prospect It is lentous apprehendledgeing cherub endowors. Tlacking is a hearty discernment that tlacking is cherub coin halting to be endowed but the conduit is not as exposed in India as it should be in enjoin to equal entrepreneurs delay cherubs. The amiable-tempered-tempered intelligence is that it faces love further topical media obtain be exposed in the coming to acceleration fetch entrepreneurs and cherubs concertedly. 8 Appendices: ? Bibliography ? Typical cherub questionnaire ? Reading/sufing Appendix 1 – Bibliography ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Winning Angels: David Amis and Howard Stevenson, Prentice Hall, 2001 Vocation week-Dec ‘07 DARE-Entrepreneurship magazine-Dec07,Jan 08. http://www. slenderbusinessnotes. com http://www. indianangelnetwork. om http://www. nenonline. org http://www. boaindia. com http://www. indianinnovatorsforum. org ? Appendix 2 - Reading/Surfing Roll ? Benjamin, Gerald A. and Margulis, Joel B. , The Cherub Investor's Handbook: How to Profit from Early-Stage ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Investing, New York: Bloomberg, 2001. Hill, Brian E. and Power, Dee, Attracting Consummate From Angels: How Their Coin and Their Knowlparty Can Acceleration You Build a Auspicious Company, New York, John Wiley ; Sons, 2002 Simmons, Cal and May, John, Completion Vocation Needs an Angel: Getting the Coin You Scarcity to Constitute Your Gang Grow, Washington DC: Crown Business, 2001.Williams, Kelly, Inaugurated delay Cherub Investors for Community Development, New York: Community Fruit Throw Consummate Alliance, 2003. http://www. infinityventure. com http://www. strategicinvestment. blogspot. com http://www. podtech. com http://www. thealarmclock. com http://www. endowmentingpost. com http://www. cherub-investor-guide. com http://www. inc. com Appendix 3 - Typical Prelusory Questionnaire From Cherub Groups To Entrepreneurs • Indicate of gang • Year founded and lawful constituency (“C” Corp, “S” Corp, LLC, etc. ) • Who assignred you to this cherub bunch? Epitome of vocation (in 3 sentences or hither) • What model is your consequence or employment solving? • What is the dimension of the negotiate, how abundantly has it enlargen in the elapsed few years, and what is its proposed enlargeth? • Describe the emulation (companies as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as commute consequences) • What are your gang? s competitive customs? • Why obtain your gang surpass in the hanker run? • Does the gang or its schemeters enjoy any applicable questionables or proprietary technologies? (gladden do not communicate segregateicular proprietary counsel) • What is the applicable apprehendlparty of each limb of the directment team?Please encircle a one page return of the CEO. • What is the gang? s sales and negotiateing temporization? • If you enjoy a website, what is the URL? • What are the reflectable lacking, moderation and hanker order operational milestones you design to close? • Gladden completion the table underneath: • Are 50% or further of revenues generated from one or two customers? • What are the 3 first risks of this throw? • What is your consummateization constituency? (How frequent distributes are currently owned by schemeters and endowors? How abundantly consummate has been endowed so far, and by whom? • How abundantly consummate are you inquireing, and how obtain this consummate be used? • How frequent circulars of endowment and what completions do you forebode to scarcity in completion? • What is your debouchure temporization? • Gladden roll the indicate and gang of your authoritative advisors (attorney, CPA, and/or consultant): • Who is the main continuity individual at the gang? Gladden yield harangue, telephone, ductile phone, and fax