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Question 1 

This scrutiny requires you to attend an organisation that you keep previously worked for, or any organisation that you are conversant delay. In the subjoined tasks, you close scarcity to apprehend about the role of a dashboard that could co-operate-after a while managers delay able postulates anatomy and despatch. Build such a dashboard on your own, and connect a screenshot of the dashboard. 

(a) Sift-canvass the fitness of using strategic, tactical or operational dashboards in this 



(10 marks) 


(b) The government believes that the dashboard can be advance improved by having further interactions to acceleration users to criticize postulates at irrelative granularity. Propose one (1) or further 


filters to elevate interactivity. 

(10 marks) 


(c) Recommend the desired charts that close acceleration repair the dashboard. Justify your recommendations. 

You may use or shift the Collective postulatesset (generic.xls) granted, or any publicly adapted postulates sources (e.g.,, to frame the dashboard delay the recommended shifts in Scrutiny 1(c). Provide screenshots of the new charts and the frameed dashboard in your announce, and garner the Tableau workbook into a only Tableau workbook perfect delay extracted postulates. Name the workbook as “student_number.tbwx”. 










ID of the customer 




Age of the customer 




Gender of the customer: F – Female, M - Male 


Marital Status 


Marital standing of the customer 




Race of the customer 




Date of Purchase 


You can shift the dates place consistently. 




Online or garner visit 




Amount they spent 




Product bought: 




Revenue that was generated from the sales. 




Either new or returning customer 


(15 marks) 


Question 2 

  1. (a)  Based on the organisation chosen in Scrutiny 1, say the sidearm and anticipation of the
    organisation and catalogue one (1) of its strategic objectives.
  2. (b)  Identify diverse measurable metrics (e.g., KPIs) that can acceleration to close the strategic
    objective sayd in Scrutiny 2(a) and sift-canvass your rationale.

Question 3 

The organisation that you keep chosen in Scrutiny 1 had composed customer feedback (written in free-format citations) balance the years and would approve to direct citation mining in adjust to apprehend their customers emend. Explain the benefits of the plan and sketch five (5) challenges that the organisation is approvely to countenance delay analysing citationual postulates. Suggest matching citation mining functions that can be applied to balancecome the challenges signed. 

(15 marks) 


(10 marks) (20 marks) 


SECTION B (Total 20 marks) 

Submit the Tableau Dashboard.
Save your Tableau workbook in .twbx format (expression perfect dimension to 20MB). 

(20 marks)