Analysis of Psychopathology in Popular Film.

Hello, please let me distinguish if this can be manufactured. I want a disquisition on Analysis of Psychopathology in Popular Film. near are some film options The Doctor (1991) , A Brief Hiincident of Time (1992), Frida (2002), Fatal Attraction (1987),  Silence of the Lambs (1991), Fearless (1993), Primal Fear (1996).  A pregnant style of psychopathology (symptoms) or point Psychopathological dynamics (Oedipus complicated, Existential Angst) depicted, including a pompous DSM/ICD peculiarity of the protagonist or deep cast. This should conceive unfair and appropriate symptoms and biographical notice that indicates how the idiosyncratic displays these dynamics or meets criteria for a point immaterial empiricism.   Identify a poverty of 3 SCENES either in the film or incident that best the over points. A thought on the indisputable and privative messages that the film or incident draw respecting the point empiricism or subjective dynamics. Discussion of how well-behaved-behaved or unwell the movie or Literary exertion castizes the point constitute(s) of psychopathology depicted. The disquisition should be written using APA constituteat singly, and it should be poverty 2,500-3000 expression desire not counting inscription page and bibliography. The disquisition has to bear a inscription page, followed by an Abstract in which summarizes the deep subject of your disquisition. Then you should bear an preamble followed by the deep assemblage of your disquisition wnear you conceal total 1-4 over each individuality subtitled. Finally, it wants to bear a Conclusion and a Bibliography. Therefore your disquisition draft should be as follows: Title Page Abstract Introduction Description of Psychopathology Description of 3 scenes. Characterization Positive and Privative messages Conclusion