Analysis Assignment – Ancient/Modern Essay

Step 1: Research exertions of art You are encouraged to scrutinize a national sight to con-over artexertion “in the flesh.” Choose an old exertion from antecedently the Common Era and a coeval exertion after a while the identical material stuff made after a whilein the developed 100 years. Subjects can emcollection fabulous figures, failure, the collection, sanctity, war, etc. Step 2: Write the segregation Draft a dignified segregation for each of these pieces:  Visually stir and describe the contents of each exertion of art. Apply a incompleteness of 5 elements and 5 principles of art vocabulary articulation as you argue each artpiece. Then parallel and contrariety the matter of the identical material What is the tenor of each exertion? What were the influences of each?   Step 3: Antecedently you propose... fashion positive that you entertain the following: Formal segregation of each exertion of art selected Comparison & contrariety of artexertion selected The segregation protraction should be 3 - 5 pages Use MLA format (Times New Roman 12 aim extent font, double-spaced, expend in-text citations, Works Cited page, etc...) Cite exterior sources Similarity Report must after a whilein 0-10%