An increase in the change in net working capital for a project

An acception in the fluctuate in net afloat principal for a purpose indicates that affixed financing is needed to supply the acception in general effects.

Which of the subjoined relating short-term financing methods is NOT gentleman?
A. Under the row of faith concurrence, a client-immovable is guaranteed to admit out a advance up to a regular flatten.
B.Short-term bank advances normally do not claim effects as connected.
C. All of the balancehead are gentleman.
D. Accruals and accounts payables do not heave plain profit account.
D. Firms generally keep tiny administer balance the flatten of accruals.

Falcon Cement, Inc. buys on provisions of 2/15, net 30. It does not admit discounts, and it normally pays 60 days succeeding the invoice continuance. Net purchases aggregate to $720,000 per year. What is the suppositious annual percentage require of its non-free commerce faith, fixed on a 365-day year?
A. 16.55%
B. 10.86%
C. 13.41%
D. 12.07%
E. 14.90%

For a normal immovable, which of the subjoined sequences is CORRECT? All rates are succeeding taxes, and take that the immovable operates at its target principal edifice. (ks = require of retained earnings; ke = require of new despicable supply)

A. WACC > ke > ks > kd
B. ke > ks > kd > WACC
C. ke > ks > WACC > kd
D. kd > ke > ks > WACC
E. WACC > kd > ks > ke