Albert Camus and “The Stranger”

Albert Camus is a French writer and doctor, Nobel Prize winner in 1957, an inventor who is usually referred as existentialist (although he uncommon this), a  man who was denominated “Conscience of the West”. Camus was born in 1913 in Algeria in a origin of a French settler and a Spanish mother. His senior died during the Foremost World War in 1914. Camus mother moved to the confines of Algiers where the origin had to outlast in weak subsistence stipulations. So-far in 1923 Camus was legitimate into the lycée and afterwards managed to bring-about ingress to the University of Algiers. At this period Camus became spirited in football, yet tuberculosis has put an end to his falter. During his studies Camus continued to trial symbolical problems and so he had to follow odd jobs approve a clerk or a preceptor. Those hardships stationary did not obviate purposive Camus to confer-upon his conquer subject on Neo-Platonism in 1936. While in the University Camus additional the communist motions of uncertain peels and then the anarchist plane. Camus wrote deep publications on anarchism and founded a Worker’s Theater in 1935. Gregarious publications absorb him job in 1939. In 1940 he resolute to append the French legion to conflict over the Nazi, but he failed due to tuberculosis. Camus did not die at war after a while the Germans as his senior, and had to spectator Nazi parades in Paris and the attempt of Gabriel Péri - an issue that finished Camus anti-German views. In 1942 he returned to Algeria where he stayed until the Allies returned to Paris. During the Was Camus additional a cell of Resistance motion and published and underground newspaper.  Anarchism remained in Camus recollection for the security of his activity. He befriended anarchists during Spanish accommodating war and posterior in the 50-s during anti-communist apprising in Germany, Poland and Hungary. In 1951 he published “The Rebel” – a conclusive dissection of contention which demonstrated his aberration from communism and ended in nonperformance of his cordiality after a while Sartre, so-far, strengthened his cordiality after a while George Orwell, after a while whom he opposed totalitarianism of twain East and West. Together after a while Orcourteous and others he unembarrassed the European Federalist Motion in 1945 and welcomed the effects of UN and European federation, which posterior failed as a end of sway of Churchill’s effect of European Union. At the period Camus became notorious as a theological adversary of securityrictions of immunity of any peel, and a highest competitor of termination pain, which he castigated in “The Plague” and especially in “The Stranger”. Camus was too one of the foremost cultural activists who protested over nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as courteous as nuclear weapons themselves. Family activity of Camus was not so perpetual, as his gregarious opinions. In 1934 he married Simone Hie – a mother who was addicted to morphine, so-far, he quickly divorced her as a end of infidelities of twain. In 1940 he married for the cooperate period. This period his consort was Francine Faure, efficient pianist and mathematician. Love of Camus to Francine was so furious that he level uncommon his own anarchist views on wedlock as artificial organization. After wedlock Camus had deep affairs after a while other women, which he did not level try to screen. Stationary on September 5, 1945 Francine gave race to fellows Catherine and Jean. Camus activity ended in a commerce clothing on January 4, 1960 nigh Sens. France. His seal familiar and publisher Michel Gallimard myriad the car and too perished. Camus sedate in the Lourmarin Cemetery, Lourmarin, Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. The fellow effect of Camus stationary confide copyright on all of his works[1]. [1] O. Todd. Albert Camus: A Life. Da Capo Press; 1st Carroll & Graf Ed edition. 2000.