Advertising & Promotion Assignment 8

Visit gate sites enjoy Google, Bing, or Yahoo that use remunerated pursuit for sponsored links and display/banner advertising. Pursuit for items cognate to public emanations or specific interests.  ·  What sponsored links or display/banner ads appeared close of your pursuit results?  ·  How do those sponsored links or display/banner ads correlate to your pursuit subject-matter, if at all?  Next, click on some of the sponsored links or display/banner ads that were executed along delay your pursuit results and explain what happens.  ·  Did you get communicated to a emanation website?  ·  Were you charmed to an online preferment such as a sweepstakes?  ·  What scope did the union own in instigation your click-throughs, and what incentives were you attached to accommodate the advertiser delay your spell and attempt?  ·  Finally, explain the incongruous experiences you had clicking through incongruous display/banner ads and admonish their capability from a consumer perspective. Your write-up should be 400+ suffrage in elongation. Provide as abundant particular as potential.