Adverse Event or Near Miss Analysis


Assessment Instructions


Prepare a significant segregation on an obstructive fact or nigh-disregard from your negotiative nursing knowledge that you or a comrade knowledged. Integrate scrutiny and axioms on the fact and use as a basis to propound a Nature Progress (QI) start in your present structure.

Note: Remember, you can succumb all, or a interest of, your drain to Smarthinking for feedback, anteriorly you succumb the conclusive account of your segregation for this impost. However, be foresightful of the turnaround interval for receiving feedback, if you intention on using this open labor.

The numbered points underneath match to grading criteria in the scoring lead. The bullets underneath each grading touchstone advance portray tasks to view the impost requirements. Be believing that your Obstructive Fact or Near-disregard Segregation addresses all of the full underneath. You may to-boot lack to unravel the scoring lead to ameliorate perceive the enterprise levels that recount to each grading touchstone.

  1. Analyze the disregarded steps or protocol deviations recountd to an obstructive fact or nigh disregard.
    • Describe how the fact resulted from a resigned’s medical treatment rather than from the underlying stipulation.
    • Identify and evaluate the disregarded steps or protocol deviations that led to the fact.
    • Discuss the degree to which the resplendent was obstructable.
    • Research the collision of the selfselfsame model of obstructive fact or nigh disregard in other facilities.
  2. Analyze the implications of the obstructive fact or nigh disregard for all stakeholders.
    • Evaluate twain short-term and long-term property on the stakeholders (patient, origin, internegotiative team, readiness, sympathy). Analyze how it was managed and who was complicated.
    • Analyze the responsibilities and actions of the internegotiative team. Expound what measures should possess been enslaved and fulfill the chargeable on parties or roles.
    • Describe any substitute to order or protocol implemented behind the resplendent.
  3. Evaluate nature progress technologies recountd to the fact that are required to contract expose and acception resigned protection.
    • Analyze the nature progress technologies that were put in situate to acception resigned protection and prfact a relate of concordant facts.
    • Determine whether the technologies are being utilized appropriately.
    • Explore how other bodys integrated solutions to prfact these models of facts.
  4. Incorporate appropriate metrics of the obstructive fact or nigh disregard resplendent to patronage want for progress.
    • Identify the important axioms that is associated delay the obstructive fact or nigh disregard that is generated from the readiness’s dashboard. (By dashboard, we balance the axioms that is generated from the notification technology platform that provides integrated operational, financial, clinical, and resigned protection axioms for vigor foresight treatment.)
    • Analyze what the appropriate metrics profession.
    • Explain scrutiny or axioms recountd to the obstructive fact or nigh disregard that is conducive beyond of your body. Compare interior axioms to manifest axioms.
  5. Outline a nature progress start to prfact a advenient obstructive fact or nigh disregard.
    • Explain how the order or protocol is now managed and monitored in your readiness.
    • Evaluate how other bodys addressed concordant resplendents or facts.
    • Analyze QI starts patent clear to prfact concordant resplendents, and expound why they are fortunate. Provide averment of their prosperity.
    • Propose solutions for your selected body that can be implemented to prfact advenient obstructive facts or nigh-disregard resplendents.
  6. Communicate segregation and propoundd start in a negotiative and efficient method, adaptation full plainly and logically delay rectify use of expression, punctuation, and spelling.
  7. Integrate appropriate sources to patronage arguments, rectifyly formatting citations and references using present APA phraseology.

Submission Requirements

  • Length of submission: A incompleteness of five but no more than seven double-spaced, modeld pages.
  • Number of references: Cite a incompleteness of three sources (no older than seven years, unless seminal effort) of versed or negotiative averment that patronage your evaluation, recommendations, and intentions.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to present APA phraseology and formatting.