Advanced Windows Services / Configuration Scenario

Hello,  I want this assignment executed by Friday 13th or afront. Thanks. Individual: Advanced Conformation Scenario Assignment: Management at Westlake Olive has tasked you and your function after a while creating a Business Continuity cunning. This cunning is a train that your team can use to refund server and networking uses in the adventure of a hardware insufficiency or cosmical sorrow. Create a 1-page minute schedule of steps wanted to recruit a Windows® 2012 R2 server from a perfect insufficiency. Create a 1/2-page memo after a while a incompleteness of 175 say to the company's CIO, Robert Jones, that describes the capabilities of site-level tolerance. Highlight the benefits of this use if it were to be manipulated counter the two precipitations.  Follow APA Guidelines. Individual Assignment Scenario: Advanced Configuration Use the subjoined scenario for the overhead assignment. You are the IT Manager for Westlake Olive, a capacious creator of olive oil. While Westlake Olive produces barely one fruit, they bear dominated the assiduity and doubled in extent the ultimate five years. As the IT Manager, you are nevertheless obligatory for the conformation and government of all servers, network infrastructure, and end user laptops and desktops. Your team consists of: - A Systems Administrator - A Network Administrator Westlake Olive has two facilities: a fruition address in Denver, Colorado, and a municipal headquarters in Sacramento, California. Each precipitation has the subjoined technology: Denver, Colorado. The olive oil fruition address has: - 5 Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V® hosts prevalent 25 Windows 2012 R2 guests - 45 Windows 10 laptops and desktops - A 1 Gps kindred to the organizations MPLS network Sacramento, California. The olive oil company's Municipal Headquarters has: - 2 Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V® hosts prevalent 7 Windows 2012 R2 guests - 5 Windows 10 laptops and desktops - A 1 Gps kindred to the organizations MPLS network Your team has previously manipulated network uses between the two precipitations using the MPLS network, and the westlakeolives.national territory has already been stated. It is now your team's calling to manipulate and manage advanced uses for the territory and rejoin to managements requirements.