advanced patho discussion 9

A 38-year-old African-American dowager was admitted for arthroscopic junction surgery. Her hematocrit was 25%, respect hurry was 140/94 mm Hg, and pulse was 112 beats/minute. She had a narrative of elbow and annoyance refusal, jaundice, and abdominal refusal.
Due to the presenting symptoms (elbow and annoyance refusal, abdominal refusal, and jaundice) a peculiarity of Sickle Cell Illness was considered.

1. Provide a unimportant argument of the pathophysiology of sickle cell illness and examine the clinical authentications and the etiology associated after a while each authentication of this illness.

A insufficiency of 150 signification, skilled written, APA formatted, and referenced. A insufficiency of 2 references are required