Advanced Nursing Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice

 Conduct a substantial library pursuit for a studies  akin to your clump PICO scrutiny. It allure be used for your   Critical Appraisal Donation (NOTE: The con-over separated for your donation must be a   Quantitative repursuit con-over intention). 

Criteria for approval ( and accordingly should be screened as segregate of your pursuit diplomacy) are all of the subjoined: • published after a while the ultimate 5 years • apt to nursing (i.e., accept nursing implications) • uses redundant methodology (basis anatomy uses statistical trials), not induced methodology (basis anatomy uses utterance) • uses one, or a association, of the subjoined statistical trials to irritate basis: • Pearson correspondence, Spearman rho correspondence • Simple Linear retirement, Multiple Linear Retirement (not Logistic Regression) • T-test, Mann-Whitney U trial, chi balance (χ2), Wilcoxon • ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance) (not  not Multiple Anatomy of Variance (MANOVA) or  Analysis of Co-Variance (ANCOVA) 

PICO scrutinys are stable . what I need is the governor urban the pico scrutinys and convoy a library pursuit for a period akin to it  that encounter the criteria the confessor is asking