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  You employment for a solid that represents ABC Bank, a elder U.S. banking whole. The sodality’s important lines of office involve banking, annuities, prophylactic and securities. ABC’s CEO has contacted your law solid to acceleration following a while a abnormity of issues pertaining to peculiar administrations that feel been byed by manifold functional agencies. Your client believes that these administrations are hurtful to ABC’s office and wants to dare each administration to the degree practicable. Please exhaust a memo that identifies all immanent issues following a while the subjoined directions and collect expend statutory and/or contingency law to living your position: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Narrowness Savings Account Percentage Regulation: On January 1, the OCC notifyed mention of a administration on its website requiring all banking wholes to collect a narrowness concern rebuke on all savings accounts of 3%. As the OCC began receiving explains from the open open, it promptly realized that there were too numerous disclaiming explains to corcorrespond to. The OCC proceeded to follow the top two issues and formally harangue them in the decisive administration, which byed the initiatory administration verbatim. Consumer eulogy groups (who did collect actual explains during the explain epoch) were gleeful to see such supernatural concern rebukes. The economic application of these changes is intentional by top economic scholars to be of eminent advantage to the American openU.S Save Our Oceans Act: Congress of-late byed an Act that is intentional to vindicate our oceans from catastrophic oil spills. Congress has tasked the EPA as the important functional influence to utensil the Act. The Act requires all oil companies to use a new symbolical denominated adamantium, which is 1000 times stronger than titanium, on all oil pipelines following a whilein 500 miles of the North American seaboard following a whilein 10 years. Although adamantium is considerable stronger than titanium, it is too greatly requirely. Thus, the Act creates an colossal require lot on numerous oil companies in ABC’s alternate investment portfolios.The Act contains an license edibles which allows the EPA to liberated any sodality that shows “good object.” The EPA too unwavering to notify guidelines for complying following a while the Act. Those guidelines clarified actual definitions following a whilein the Act and too said that Act’s aim would dedicate to South American operations for all North American domiciliary oil companies.Shortly following the Act was byed, the EPA notifyed a administration on its website that imposed a new tax on those companies that were not in docility following a while the Act. Following receiving a compute of explains on the projected administration, the EPA unwavering to by the direction verbatim.